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How To Make Money With Amazon With Niche websites

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How To Make Money With Amazon With Niche websites


How To Make Money On Amazon - There are undoubtedly plenty of options in terms of learning how to make money online, plus my experience, if you're a beginner, learning how to earn money with Amazon is probably the simplest to get going.

Amazon Affiliate product

The Amazon affiliate marketing program is extremely easy to join: simply check out Amazon.com and scroll towards the bottom and click on "Become an Affiliate." After yous join, you are ready to start generating income online.

The way it works, is as simple as providing you with a portion of each sale you reference the Amazon site. You merely generate a coded link that you put on your internet site, and when the consumer clicks your link and is also forwarded to the popular product site, you will earn a commission once they purchase that, or any item!

Earn money with Amazon Using Niche Sites

So what can be a "niche site?" A distinct segment site is a web site that is created around a niche, or even a focused topic, for example downhill skis for example. You will have the utmost success by concentrating on smaller niches that do not have lots of competition, yet have high serp's. Which means individuals are searching for facts about the topic, and you're getting them to the data they are looking for!

Since Amazon can be a physical products site, you will want to focus on products within niches that people are in fact looking to purchase. How To Make Money On Amazon

For instance, to the instance in the list above, if you are wanting to create a site on skiing, you are able to limit your concentrate on smaller niches including:

 downhill powder skis
 carving skis
 twin-tip skis

You'll want to start doing all of your research on Google's Keyword Planner tool, that will allow you to find out how many people are trying to find the keywords you need to target.

If you use one keyword, let's imagine "skis" as an example, you may obviously get yourself a lot of results. You instead want to focus on "long tail keywords" the industry fancy term for multiple keywords that individuals are searching for.

Longtail keywords could be much like what's listed above (i.e. "downhill powder skis").

Making a Blog Website

If you are only starting out, make use of a simple blog platform including Blogger or WordPress to produce your articles. This is the first step to earning money with Amazon. You'll want to create articles or reviews around the product which people see valuable.

Following your people read your reviews, add your coded affiliate link inside the text so that you can get credit once they choose the products from Amazon.


Posted Feb 27, 2014 at 8:09am