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Personal Care

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As one of America's most trusted and experienced providers of in-home senior services, Interim HealthCare� understands how important it is made for people to live in their houses. But not, the challenges of everyday living get beyond the most independent-minded people. Our Care Professionals can offer the excess support needed to reside an enriched life inside the comfort of home.



Personal Care
Assistance with daily living
activities including:
� Dressing
� Bathing
� Personal hygiene
�Incontinence care
� Feeding
�Healthy movements
�Restroom use
�Medication reminders
� Grooming
� Getting in and out of bed
� Acquiring it and beyond wheelchair
� Evening tuck-in
� Morning wake-up


Companionship Providing and facilitating social interactions for example:
� Walking
�Meal planning/preparation
� Sorting and/or reading mail
� Entertainment
�Answering the phone
� Selecting clothes
� Tending to house plants
� Crafting
� Games / Cards
� Monitoring diet and diet regime
� Home deliveries
� Coordinating lawn care
� Newspapers, magazines and books
� Movies
� Visits, outings and trips
�Visiting with neighbors, friends, family
� Religious reading and discussion
� Birthday/anniversary reminders
�Maintaining calendar
�Travel planning

Homemaking Helping with light housekeeping and domestic activities such as:
� Ironing clothes
�Washing dishes
�Taking out garbage
� Changing linens and making beds
�Dry cleaning
�Picking up prescriptions
� Dusting and polishing furnishings
� Cleaning closets and pantries
� Cleaning kitchen cupboards
� General shopping
� Grocery shopping
�Preparation of future meals
� Escorting to appointments
� Escorting to lunch/dinner
� Incidental transportation
�Attending lectures, plays and concerts
� Coordinating snow removal
�Supervising maintenance
�Preparing grocery list
�Clipping coupons
�Pet care
�Monitoring food freshness and expirations
�Travel planning
� Overseeing home deliveries

The way we Help
In suggesting or recommending private duty home care for your patients upon discharge we may help reduce potential readmissions through providing the following:

� Private duty home care services (for those that tend not to be eligible for home care but tend to afford and could use aide level care).

� Meet patient at hospital to set up care.
� RN visit with medication reconciliation upon arrival in to the home (paid through the patient).

� Transportation to the patient's Physicians visits to the doctor within 10
times of discharge to ensure compliance (paid by the patient).

About Us:
Interim HealthCaree is one of the nation's leading home care organizations. Our network of over 300, independently owned and operated, franchisees employ more than 75,000 health care workers who serve more than 50,000 people each day.Interim HealthCare differs from the others in combining the commitment of local franchise ownership with the support of a national organization that develops innovative programs and quality standards. Allof our Care Professionalsare all background
& drug screened, competency tested, bonded and insured.


Posted Dec 12, 2015 at 12:33am