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Heroes Die Too


Genres: Punk / Hardcore

Location: Udine, Italy

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Members: Red - vocals Anto - guitar + vocals Sanchez - guitar Randaz - bass + vocals Fiore - drums

Heroes Die Too (formerly Bonfire) are born in summer 2008, from the initial idea by Randaz (bass and vocals), Anto (guitar and vocals) and Fiore (drums) of giving life to a NOFX tribute band. In the following months, after a couple tries, Sanchez, already active with several Udine area bands, becomes Bonfire's full time solo guitarist.
In a short time the band changes direction and starts to write its own songs, inspired by melodic harcore bands such as A Wilhelm Scream, Rise Against, Belvedere and Lagwagon. From this moment the members of the band feel the urge for a lead vocalist, in order to focus more on each instrument: it's now that Red enters the line-up, mixing perfectly with Bonfire's sound (and people) since the first reharsals, becoming after a short time the official lead singer.
In a few months several songs are written, and amongst these five are recorded and put into a demo split with Brainsunset.



In Real Life

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