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What Are The Procedures Used By An Gastroenterologist In Delray Beach

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As you already know that Gastroenterologist in Delray Beach is the specialist in treating and diagnosing a human digestive system that also includes every little aspect falling under the vast category of digestive system. Digestion is one such process of human body that is an incredibly time-consuming process that deals with several organs with its complex way of working. Your digestive system works together to process the food that you eat, by extracting and storing the nutrients and disposing of the waste materials. Any trouble in this entire process gives rise to many complications alleviating your discomfort.

Process of ERCP

ERCP or endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography is the process where a Gastroenterologist in Delray Beach uses the endoscope that is a thin and long, flexible tube attached to a light and camera at one end is inserted into the esophagus, duodenum, and stomach. When the endoscope reaches the papilla that is said to be the opening of a common bile duct, a specialist inserts dye through the ducts which make taking x-rays possible. ERCP is only suggested by a gastroenterologist when the patient is feeling uneasiness or abdominal pain or may be experiencing jaundice. Through this method, potentialities like scar or tumors, gallstones are identified that is obstructing the bile duct.

Process of EUS

EUS, in other words is termed as Endoscopic ultrasonography that is initiated by a Gastroenterologist in Delray Beach to examine both the upper and lower part of gastrointestinal tract. Similarly, EUS is also used to examine the internal organs that are present there including gallbladder and pancreas. Though in both EUS and ERCP long flexible tubes are used with camera and light attached at one end, but the ones used in EUS are different. They are also designed to emit sound waves that will create images of the entire digestive tract which a normal endoscope is unable to detect. It is used to detect and analyze the nature of a tumor that has formed in GI.

Process of Flexible Sigmoidoscopy 

This specialized procedure is designed so that a Gastroenterologist in Delray Beach can examine and analyze the internal part of your sigmoid colon. This colon is also termed as a large bowel that is the last portion of the GI tract. This procedure is initiated to assess problems related to blood loss, changes and pain in the bowel movement. In this method, the patient will be kept awake throughout and you may choose to watch the entire procedure on the screen. Air is introduced in the colon that might lead to cramping and fullness, but you might not experience acute pain as it is very rare.

Process of Liver Biopsy

This method is used to analyze any presence of fibrosis or inflammation and other types of liver disorder. Though the patient stays awake throughout the procedure, but the area around the liver is made numb with a local anesthetic. With means of a narrow and long needle, a tiny piece of tissue of the liver is obtained. Once the procedure is done, the patient is kept for recovery and monitoring. For more information visit here: Glades Road Medical Center


Posted Mar 08, 2016 at 8:21pm