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The Hemlock Collective Records

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Genres: Rock / Alternative / Electronic

Location: The 203, The 860, CT

Stats: 104 fans / 1,066 plays / 16 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Skyline Crisis-Bellswagger-Gallium-Fugue-Removal-Seafood Sam


ADD US ON MYSPACE/NOISETREND/OR FOLLOW US AT http://twitter.com/HCRecordss(Ya the double s is supposed to be there lol)


Heey music junkies! Hemlock Records here bringing you the best new bands around!
Were in the works with a bunch of new music/photos/bands and other great stuff so keep checkin in if you like what we go pls tell your friends! leave us messages friend request us or become a fan will be sure to reply asap!

If your interested in joining the hemlock records Family Email us At HemlockRecords@yahoo.com least one demo Song touring history(Shows played ect ect.) If your jus starting up no worrys will def give you a open ear!!

New post up! lookin for fans if you like the songs pls take the second to add us as a fan pls thanks for your support!

IMPORTANT: TRANCE, DANCE,NOW!! has notes too low to hear on laptop speakers try listing through actual speakers or head phones if it seems like part of the song is missing! were talkin to the bellswagger boys to see if trance dance will be put up as a download!


1/1/10 HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! How better to kick off the new but with NEW MUSIC from the tight metal band Gallium and of course the much loved Skyline Crisis has a new song up! thats right The Hemlock Collective Records is movein into the 860!! Also new to the team is Fugue quite likely the tightest Experimental / Progressive / Fusion to ever grace our ear buds! http://www.myspace.com/fugueisawesome expect great things from these
rising musical power houses!

1/4/10 New Fugue Song up for download!!

1/5/10 Detach by Gallium Up for download!

1/6/10 New Bellswagger Song up!!

1/7/10 Shows posted for Fugue and Gallium

1/9/10Lyrics posted for Mr Owl Ate My Metal Worm

1/10/10 New post up!

1/11/10 Better mix down of PARTY IT UP! posted

1/11/10Skyline Crisis Facebook up and running

1/12/10 Danbury's own rap sensation Vice Verse Joins the Hemlock Collective!

1/12/10 300 plays!...thank you for all your support and for getting us off to a Great start :D. Please give us any feedback, positive or negative, and/or just let us know what songs you like and why SO MORE COMMENTS PLSS!. More music is on the way and more bands are showing interest to the hemlock collective.....ALSO Fugue, Gallium, and Skyline Crisis all have separate fan pages on our links...check out our links on the side and if you a fan of the band let them know there as well...the more fans they have the faster they will bring the music to you!!!!

1/14/10 Sara Thompson official picture taker!

1/17/10 Hemlock Myspace up and running add us upp myspace.com/hemlockcollectiverecords

1/19/10 50 FANS!! Wo0o0oo here we come 100 fans!!

1/23/10 New LOGO Up!!

2/8/10 Fugue 2-5-10 pictures up!!

4/20/10 New Songs Bands Downloads!


  • mtb34 said:
    hey check out my band www.purevolume.com/theywontlikeit we just got out of the studo and recorded 3 new tracks Apr 26
  • Joe Rousseau said:
    wooooooo 100 fans! Apr 27
  • Brittany Stephens said:
    Fucking Yes Apr 27
  • Joe Rousseau said:
    Skyline crisis now has a purevolume-http://www.purevolume.com/SkylineCrisis and a myspace-http://www.myspace.com/skylinecrisis add em up plss! Apr 12
  • Pyramids Of Monsbiza said:
    youuuu guyss sound amazinggg xP: keep it uppp xD: Apr 05
  • (audri) said:
    fun!:) Mar 03
  • Joe Rousseau said:
    Skyline Crisis at the space tomorrow! Be there or be square Mar 02
  • I.eat.rainbows said:
    its pretty good =) Glad you messaged me. Feb 27
  • M Dash said:
    My homie is about to take off...that's what it is. Feb 20
  • ShortCakes 웃♥유 said:
    very nice...i like it!!!:)) Feb 14
  • Sara R Thompson said:
    SHOW TONIGHTT!!! everyone gooo! Feb 05
  • Alexonfire said:
    Thanks for the add again :D, sounds awesome Fugue and Bellswagger are my favs. Jan 31
  • bangz said:
    heyah! i'm here. :)) sounds good! Jan 30
  • mending_shelf said:
    Liked it, good! =D Jan 29
  • Sara R Thompson said:
    yeah i painted the whole thing free hand lol Jan 26


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