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Heidi Burson

Debut Album "Every Shade of Blue"


Genres: Soul / Blues / R&B

Location: Nashville, TN

Stats: 1 fans / 32 plays / 14 plays today





4 tracks

Heidi is a local artist in Nashville who draws comparison to the songwriting of Carole King and the powerhouse vocals of Aretha Franklin. A performance by her usually includes people brought to tears and silence falling over the crowd as her vocals weave in and out of the deepest parts of your soul. Her band brings an extra funky blues side to the original music she wholeheartedly has composed. The best part about Heidi is that her skills both vocally and on the piano are true to form whether heard on her album or live on the stage. People walk away from a live show in awe anxiously awaiting the next performance.

Originally from the Buckeye State, Heidi is no stranger to the world of music. She began playing the piano classically at the early age of 4 and has been singing as long as her parents remember whether in her bedroom with the stereo blaring or in their church and school functions. She has always risen to every challenge musically winning awards in various events for both vocals and piano. She composed her first original song while in high school and never stopped writing from that point on. Her life is her inspiration in her lyrics and she gives them truth and soul through her unique melodies on the keys.

Heidi recalls a momentous moment in her musical career around 1992 when her parents bought her the piano music version of "The Bodyguard" soundtrack featuring songs sung by Whitney Houston. She learned she could not only sing like Whitney Houston as she had been doing for some time, but could accompany herself on the piano at the same time. She believes this is when her mind began creating original music that would feature her vocal and piano skills simultaneously.

She hopes to tour around the country soon with her band playing local venues and festivals. She wants to reach fans across the globe and get the word out about her debut album "Every Shade of Blue." It has been deemed the "break-up album of the year" and she knows it will be received well wherever her musical journey may take her.