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Banyuhay ni Heber Fever - Harana sa Canada

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Banyuhay is defined to awe fans all over Canada starting on November 27, 2015. After jamming with Eric Nicolas at Your Face Sounds Familiar last November 22, 2015, Banyuhay ni Heber will get in touch with its fans outside of the country through their concert entitled “Harana sa Canada”. This is yet another proof that forever exists as the band performs songs that may immortalize Banyuhay ni Heber’s contributions on the music industry.

Original Filipino Music has not sounded so good and authentic. The Filipino-Canadian community is blessed any time five years of waiting, they'll hear Banyuhay ni Heber once more. Their folk melodies will surely make waves as the band is expected to execute their biggest hits like “Tayo’y mga Pinoy”, “Nena”, “Karaniwang Tao”, “Kung Walang Pag-ibig”, “Pasahero”, “Payag ka ba”, “Almusal”, “Tumindig ka”, “Tatlong Kahig, Isang Tuka”, and “Paaralan”. The band is known for their songs with higher social and political relevance using catchy music with distinct Filipino flavor.

Last 2010, Banyuhay ni Heber regaled the Filipino-Canadian Community with stories from the Philippines through their songs over good food and good company on the International Church. This rock band led by Heber Bartolome performed with just one more OPM legend, Lolita Carbon of Asin.

Heber Bartolome

How, Banyuhay ni Heber will serenade the target audience not only with love songs but songs for the soul. This rock band will grace happens of Southside Victory Center in Calgary on February, 2016 and the fun starts at 6:00 PM. Ticket price is $35. Interested sponsors and producers can click on www.RedEaglePromotions .com official website for more information.

Once again, let Banyuhay ni Heber carry you back to your beloved homeland with words that are taken straight from your brain and music that heals your core. The band’s music talks about the jagged truth that Filipinos face since they make the truth sound better, better to the ears with their music. Banyuhay will tap thoughts and emotions which you never knew you have. Reconnect together with your Filipino roots and let humanity awaken your senses when you listen to Banyuhay ni Heber perform live. This is definitely a once in a lifetime chance to feel the magic that only Original Pilipino Music brings.

As Heber Bartolome and the band inspired many other music artists, their music will certainly inspire the audience not merely musically but socially. Let each strum tug at your hidden emotions. Let each tap match the beat of your respective heart. Let each hum flow as part of your veins. Let each note convey a piece of your identity’s puzzle in its place. Let each word tell the entire world what you think and how you are feeling. Speak through Banyuhay ni Heber’s songs because you listen. Be there and witness an exemplary harmony of music and truth live.

Banyuhay ni Heber will take Philippines to Canada through its music and the Filipino-Canadian community simply can’t wait!

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Posted Jan 07, 2016 at 7:30am