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John Barban-Burn fat by exercise

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All burned regardless of the source of these calories . (Sugar or fat ) will be higher than the calories burned in 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise . That is, the harder you exercise in a certain amount of your time , calories burned, and more, you will have after you have finished and when you 're recovering.

So if you have moved beyond the start of the exercise, the exercise is intended to exercise the usual aerobic high intensity. (' Hard as you can’) may be a useful approach than simply continuing to exercise at a moderate intensity . (Before the start of high-intensity aerobic exercise, seek advice from your doctor and your individual will realize the error of going to the gym as well as increase the risk of injury. ) .

How much exercise
One of the key factors of the number of calories you take in during exercise, the amount of exercise you do. Exercise one hour per day to use twice the amount of calories, exercise for 30 minutes, and you might like to divide time into 2 or 3 times 30 minutes times 20 minutes.

To avoid the return has been losing body fat continue to exercise regularly and to check the balance of power in your daily life .
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Regular exercise is important to continuously maintain a high metabolic rate . This will give you the best chance to maintain new body you get from living with strength training and aerobic exercise and healthy eating, calorie -wise.

Exercise for Health Although the exercise program with your production, the slow decline in weight, it does not mean that it is a waste of time. Many studies have shown that regular exercise Weight Loss Formula to help reduce the risk of heart disease and other health problems, independent of weight loss.


Posted Apr 25, 2014 at 5:10am