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Hayley Meyer

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Genres: Acoustic / Country

Location: Carrot River, SK

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NEWS ALERT!!! - Please check out my new website www.wix.com/HayleyMeyer/hm !! Feel free to drop off a comment, check out my song and more!

Hi! I'm a girl who loves to sing and play guitar... along with writing songs. Music is more than just my hobby; it's my passion. I'm the kind of girl who doesn't go anywhere without her iPod or some CD's, and will turn around and go back for them if they have been forgotten on a road trip. I also bake really yummy chocolate chip cookies :) t

I've had the wonderful opportunities of getting to perform with the Saskatchewan Country Music Association and showcase at the Saskatchewan Country Music awards along with performing locally around my hometown.
This past summer I began recording, and while trying to work around University (Extremely hard!) I am hoping to continue the recording process and eventually come out with an EP or album; writing music is a big step for me and something I love to do; so the challenge is readily accepted!

So if you like my music (or even if you don't - just please be nice!) I'd love to hear from you; any feedback would be appreciated! I figure the only way to grow is to perform and hear honest opinions from other people, good and bad. How else do we know what to improve upon if no one will tell us what needs improvements?

Thanks for reading!
- Hayley




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