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Booking us : 081906240236 / 08989622051


Genres: Metal / Hardcore / Metalcore

Location: Serang, Indonesia

Stats: 0 fans / 206 plays / 10 plays today





4 tracks

Members: ::: Regga ::: Hamo ::: Romskaycore ::: Arean ::: Ryan

HAWASAKE formed in 2004, started when Romy (bassist), Hamo (guitar), RYAN (Drum) are hanging out together and happen to have the same vision and mission in music is to promote musical offerings in this area especially serang.HAWASAKE taken from the air sake meaningful and significant aroma of traditional Japanese beverage and overall significance aroma drink sake, sake flavored drinks are very strong and therefore we take the name because we have a vision and mission for our music to the listener a strong smell like drink sake. smell originated from the attack, and smell to Indonesia, and in the end we want the world smells like sake that much-loved by people all over the world. HAWASAKE experiencing a lot of obstacles-obstacles in our mission, of the many personnel changes through the material, but we are just trying to keep a constant fight these obstacles and bring our music wafted in the world. HAWASAKE has a line up but in the end, namely:

- Regga as vocal

- Romy as bass

- Hamo as guitar

- Ryan as Drums

- Arean as guitar

In the end we were just a bunch of young kids who want to try to make our music wafted by all people so that we are not at the cap back as garbage smell bad and eyes.maybe underestimated in many people's eyes we are just garbage but we will make garbage a flavorful SAKE! although shaped crashed and foul (such as physical of each of us) but we are not smelling rubbish! but air - HAWASAKE! ! !

E-mail us at: hawasakesrg@yahoo.com

Contact Person: 081906240236 / 08989622051