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altElectronic Cigarettes a*k*a E-Cigs have become quite popular as an alternative to smoking  traditional tobacco. Companies are making huge profit from these technological tobacco devices that provide one of the worlds most addictive things: nicotine. E-Cigs come in a variety of shapes, colors and the e-juice (nicotine) comes in different flavors.
 Disposable electronic cigarettes do not have to be recharged and can cost as little as $2.95 . There are many different types and contain different milligrams of nicotine . Some of the disposable cigs have traditional nicotine juice in regular, menthol or lights, just like real, burning cigarettes v2 cigs coupon. Fling is one brand of these types of cigarettes. However there are also "hookah" type cig juices that come in a variety of flavors and colors. Tsunami brand hookah e-cigs are quite popular, especially with younger adults of smoking age.  With these types of cigarettes available, you could try several different types of flavors for less.
 Rechargeable e-cigs are most commonly known for "vaping". These cigarettes come with USB chargers or even wall chargers so that they always have power. Unlike disposable cigs, the rechargeable ones must be put together for use and are somewhat larger in size. These electronic cigarettes have different flavors and strengths of nicotine as well as the disposable ones. Unlike the disposable electronic cigarettes these cost more to purchase and last awhile longer with more puffs.
With all the choices these nicotine providers have put out there with this technology it is no wonder that E-Cigs have swept the nation. I do not see these as a fad that will soon disappear . I see these products only getting more technologically advanced and popular.


Posted Nov 22, 2013 at 1:23am