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Advantages of the Sciton Laser Hair Removal System

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Advantages of the Sciton Laser Hair Removal System


Hair laser removal has long been acknowledged as the quicker and safer alternative to other hair removal methods. Within the Sciton Laser treatment system the lighting undergoes a specifically designed cooling plate manufactured from sapphire. This plate can perform accurately controlling and measuring the temperature on the skin. This plate helps protect the encompassing skin while allowing the vitality with the laser to feed to the deeper roots. This method can be used as all kinds of skin as well as on all the parts with the body such as the face, arms and underarms, legs, bikini line and back.

Enhanced Safety &Efficacy

The Sciton Laser utilizes a more than normal wavelength. The combination with the longer wavelength and the sapphire cooling plate enables the laser energy to penetrate a lot more and attain the hair follicles even with a deeper level, yet still time providing secure and efficient treatment for everyone, no matter what their skin tone. It really is even safe for those with darker colored skin. This enhanced safety and efficacy features offer a big benefit within the older hair removal systems. Because of its inherent safety factor you can use it anywhere on our bodies. The sole place where it is usually not used will be the area surrounding the eyes. Moreover, treatment is often performed without anesthesia. Sometimes, based on the individual circumstances, a light topic anesthetic works extremely well. Even sensitive areas including the bikini line, nipples and upper lip may be treatable with minimum discomfort.

Enhanced Flexibility & Adjustability

In the Sciton laser, the ability and time period of the laser pulse are automatically adjusted from the advanced computer control system. This is done based on the individual's type of skin as well as the thickness of hair, providing optimized treatment for each person.

Ability to Treat Larger Body Areas

This technique uses a wider laser beam, which suggests each pulse from the laser can perform treating more hairs when compared to a normal pulse. Larger body areas including the back, abdomen, legs and arms can usually be treated in one session as opposed to multiple sessions. It is not only faster, it is also capable of reaching hairs that are hard to reach or are untreatable by other methods.



What you need to Find out about Permanent Hair Reduction

You should know that 100% laser hair removal doesn't imply that 100% from the hair swill be removed. According to the FDA definition, 'permanent hair removal' means your hair will not reappear at least 24 months post treatment.


Posted Aug 29, 2013 at 7:59am