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Yes Im an HR professional but dont hold it against me. A as well as the folks in HR sometimes get a bad rap.HR Consultant

As a possible HR pro turned consultant, my experience means me to create HR foundations in businesses that are customized based on their requirements and individual culture. I require a hands-on and innovative approach to create and deliver answers to meet business challenges.

With Twenty five years of progressive experience, the worth that I add to businesses includes staffing, training, HR startup, as an on call HR Director to fix employee relations issues all the way to making a performance management system, business leader coachingĀ  and benefits makeovers. Even better when we can incorporate technology on the way. HR startup

Obviously Furthermore, i do everything that organizations need - compliance audits, handbooks and anything else that requires the Is being dotted and the Ts being crossed.

If youre an organization who promotes a proper and innovative culture with employees who're pleased to come to work, Id want to setup an interview!

HR Specialty Areas:

- Startup HR and Internal Communications
- Management and Leadership Training and Development
- Paperless HR Conversion
- Performance Management Planning
- Recruiting and Onboarding
- Organizational Development and Change Management
- HR Director on call
- Interpersonal Relationship Coaching
- Employee Relations / Investigations


Posted Apr 10, 2014 at 9:14am