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Genres: Punk / Rock

Location: Denpasar, Indonesia

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Members: -Bayoux ("F**k'in" Vocals, Guitar) -Bandar ("Bastard" Guitar) -Wisna ("Ugly" Bass) -Bayu Gordow ("Riot" drums)

Oi Oi Oi ..
We are Punk Rock Band from Denpasar, Bali (Indonesia). Also known as HIT HATE, HIT HATE was formed in December 2008. Formed by inexperienced high school kids who still don't know musical instruments. "We prefer to play music rather than hanging out at to the mall", "We do not like a bunch of young people nowadays, who only follow the style of their friends and fall victim of metro-sexual magazine and also soap opera, or in the other words We aren't people who also follow the trending style!"

Genre of HIT HATE itself is Punk Rock, inspired by famous Punk Rock bands in the world. And our influences are NOFX, Bad Religion, MXPX, Ramones, Social Distortion, Superman Is Dead, etc. We love Punk Rock song, so We try to be them with our characteristic!

HIT HATE was formed with personnel initially:
-Bayoux (Vocals, Guitar)
-Bandar (Guitar)
-Bhenty (Bass)
-Allan (drums)

HIT HATE connoted as the attitude that "punch" the hate and We hate a violence. It wasn't an intervention, We just invite people to take care with Human Rights! Because there are still many families of the oppression of minorities and the attitude to seize the human rights of the people!

from of our career, HIT HATE had vacuum because of Allan leave the band, it cause He must continuing study outside the city. And then merge Bayu Gordow to replace the position of "bouncer" in HIT HATE. The substitution of drummer makes HIT HATE rearrangement some songs with a faster tempo and stomping is due by Bayu Gordow characteristic that is always full of energy.

And the formation of HI HATE are:
-Bayoux (Vocals, Guitar)
-Bandar (Guitar)
-Bhenty (Bass)
-Bayu Gordow (drums)

At the end of 2010, Bhenty out because of "something" and then replaced by aditional bass. But not long after finding a new bass player is Wisna.

So the next formation of HIT HATE until now are:

-Bayoux ("F**k'in" Vocals, Guitar)
-Bandar ("Bastard" Guitar)
-Wisna ("Ugly" Bass)
-Bayu Gordow ("Riot" drums)

And in early 2011 HIT HATE to do recording with the single "Hingga Langkah Terakhir" (in Bahasa, If we translate into English it will be "Until The Last Steps" LOL! haha) that will soon be available. The song was inspired by a private person who still do not know who they are, in other words this is a process of find who them-self exactly!



Do It Yourself

May 30, 2011