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  • JasonFromLemonPie said:
    AMAZING MUSIC! if you like this you should check out the epic sound of High Park http://www.purevolume.com/highpark SHOW THEM SOME LOVE Aug 29
  • Juan said:
    pardon me, great Aug 29
  • Alexia_Nicole said:
    i have been playing ya'lls musicc all day long! i love it(: it makes me happy and i get the same feeling from two other atrists so you get an APPLAUSE! Aug 29
  • Mezalieep said:
    You guys are amazing! I love the vocals. :] Aug 29
  • SebAstian said:
    Hey Everyone and body I'm from a band called "Failure: Your Fallback" If you got some time come check us out! We got a new song up called "Your Last Song" http://www.purevolume.com/failureyourfallback Thanks and I hope you like it enough to become a fan! Aug 29
  • I am;; Erica said:
    I love the vocals, love the music(: Aug 29
  • i.am.bryanna said:
    The voice work is amazing, you have an elegant sound. Love it! :) Aug 29
  • Frenchgirl said:
    Very great. I like " i wouldn't mind " :) . Aug 29
  • Frenchgirl said:
    I love " i wouldn't mind " ! Very great :) . Aug 29
  • CandyGirl92 said:
    Nice music. :) Aug 29
  • Nate said:
    this stuff is awesome!! but i cant find it anywhere to buy/download :( Aug 29
  • Ok I am Scott said:
    hey guys, my name is scott and my band just released our new single "Return to Madness". please check it out at www.purevolume.com/themonarchyfalls Aug 29
  • *Clarissa* said:
    Awesome tunes...really easy listening like Stileta City but catchy as heck! Aug 29
  • jacobo said:
    you're in itunes? Aug 29
  • Malachi said:
    hey i was this bands 20th fan so back up! jk but yeah search our band "play the bones" please (and "He is me" is amazingly great to the maximum of coolness) Aug 29
  • kate rose ♥ said:
    "A mess it grows" is probably the most amazing song i've heard in a while, no joke. keep it up (: Aug 28
  • sahahahahahaha...no said:
    absolutely gorgeous music!!! :) makes me feel happy and clean! Aug 28
  • Madison said:
    Your songs are amazing , I litterally got the chills (: Keep it up Aug 28
  • Tyler said:
    Hey im from a band called Failure: Your Fallback we just redid the vocals for "Your Last Song" come check us out at www.purevolume.com/failureyourfallback Aug 28
  • Holly said:
    your music is adorable. Aug 28