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  • Ryleeann(: said:
    omg, you guys are amazing. i listen to you atleast a hour a day! AMAZING VOICE! come tew Chicago(: Aug 30
  • ashes and wine said:
    pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease come down south! i'd pay any amount of money to go to a show with you two in it. new favorite band. rachel, you've got one haunting and beautiful voice. and that guitar.. Aug 30
  • uniquely.TaSha.♪☮ said:
    I really like your voice. It's so original and perfectly on-key. I hope you guys go really far. :) Peaceandlove. Aug 30
  • Molly Farrell said:
    Wow your voice is really good. Aug 30
  • Aimee said:
    im in love with your music... its so beautiful... :) Aug 30
  • sarah hazel dela rosa said:
    love your songs!:) Aug 30
  • Travis said:
    Wow just started listening to you and I'm hooked already. So I can't wait for the new EP. Aug 30
  • believemevergie. said:
    wish i had your voice ! Aug 30
  • jenna:) said:
    your music inspires me. :) and it makes me wanna fall in love. Aug 30
  • rachelvirginialovesyou said:
    i love your music so much. I listen to it almost every night. :] Aug 29
  • Ariana said:
    amazing music!!! Aug 29
  • justice731@aol.com said:
    ;D you answered my email!(: i kinda freaked out when you did o_o..... does rachel take vocal lessons? ;P Aug 29
  • JasonFromLemonPie said:
    AMAZING MUSIC! if you like this you should check out the epic sound of High Park http://www.purevolume.com/highpark SHOW THEM SOME LOVE Aug 29
  • Juan said:
    pardon me, great Aug 29
  • Alexia_Nicole said:
    i have been playing ya'lls musicc all day long! i love it(: it makes me happy and i get the same feeling from two other atrists so you get an APPLAUSE! Aug 29
  • Mezalieep said:
    You guys are amazing! I love the vocals. :] Aug 29
  • SebAstian said:
    Hey Everyone and body I'm from a band called "Failure: Your Fallback" If you got some time come check us out! We got a new song up called "Your Last Song" http://www.purevolume.com/failureyourfallback Thanks and I hope you like it enough to become a fan! Aug 29
  • I am;; Erica said:
    I love the vocals, love the music(: Aug 29
  • i.am.bryanna said:
    The voice work is amazing, you have an elegant sound. Love it! :) Aug 29
  • Frenchgirl said:
    Very great. I like " i wouldn't mind " :) . Aug 29