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  • Shiree The Keeper. said:
    Love it! Aug 30
  • Ian said:
    Amazing! keep up the good work. looking forward to getting the EP Aug 30
  • Malachi said:
    this band will go far. please search "play the bones" Aug 30
  • Kelsey. said:
    When I first became a fan of you guys on here, you had like 17 fans. Now I just signed in to see that you guys have 600+ ! ;D Congrats! (: Aug 30
  • [WhoCares?(;] said:
    wow u guyz are amazing =D Aug 30
  • xMORAx said:
    hey. i really cant wait for oct. so im going to email you and hopefully you hook me up with some songs? you guys are amazing. such a beautiful voice, i really dont understand how you guys arent allready signed! :O Aug 30
  • gaby said:
    i love your song, and your voice are so beautiful =) Aug 30
  • Jonah the Manatee said:
    You guys are amazing. Aug 30
  • Embeamazed said:
    I love you guys, especially since you're from Washington. If you guys could put up lyrics that'd be great. Aug 30
  • Nikki said:
    your songs remind me of me,i like them..alot,and your voice is simply beautiful. Aug 30
  • woah_bananas_it's_morgan said:
    Your music makes me smile. :) Keep at it. Aug 30
  • Rubita Hearts said:
    HE IS WE = love Aug 30
  • Joe Seaver!! said:
    Wow. I love it. Aug 30
  • Lexy said:
    ahh i love your musicc! Aug 30
  • Tyler said:
    Hey im from a band called Failure: Your Fallback we just redid the vocals for "Your Last Song" come check us out at www.purevolume.com/failureyourfallback Aug 30
  • alexandra said:
    WAY awsome :) Aug 30
  • Shane Igo said:
    if he is we, and he is legend, we are therefore legend. Aug 30
  • bri (; said:
    wow, love the sound (: Aug 30
  • Sarah KABAM! said:
    i've been looking foward to your ep for so long! it's so close!! Aug 30
  • Malachi said:
    please search "play the bones" Aug 30