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  • Emsac said:
    I want to buy a Cd! Aug 27
  • YOUareloved said:
    wow... i usually like this kind of music but I LOVE this.... AMAZING voice... and beautiful as well :D Aug 26
  • SmileItsJamie said:
    this is awesome(: Aug 26
  • daniela raquel said:
    wow, tell me why i pretty much just fell in love with your music... Aug 26
  • Winters Last Wish said:
    wow you two have the most amazing voices I've heard.. Aug 26
  • Carli said:
    your voice is so amazing.:) love your songs and style of music Aug 26
  • olivia< 3's you said:
    you guys have beautiful voices. i love the feeling of your music. i'll be pschyed for the EP. :) Aug 26
  • Colleen said:
    Wow! You're amazing! Aug 26
  • Miriam. said:
    keep it up Guys *_* ! Aug 26
  • #Beccccyyy said:
    Truly something else.. You have a spectacular voice :] Keep it up! Aug 26
  • Beccyy said:
    You have such a unique and beautiful voice! You've got such talent, your music makes me smile! :D Keep up the good work! Aug 26
  • Malachi said:
    Please search "play the bones" Aug 26
  • |Holez| zeloH|Holez|zeloH said:
    You've got great talent =] Love ya music. Aug 26
  • Nate said:
    so calming.. great job.. where can i get yall though?? Aug 25
  • Life_is_Love said:
    I love your voice! Thank you both for your talent. Aug 25
  • Live Free to Live Bright said:
    Beautiful :) Aug 25
  • justice731@aol.com said:
    -lovingitlovingitlovingit- (: Aug 25
  • Hannah rose said:
    please keep the music coming. you have a gift, and it frustrates me that everyone else hasn't seen it yet:/ but i have so ill try my best to show it off:D Aug 25
  • annitawearsprada said:
    i love u Aug 25
  • Angie said:
    Few bands can pull off a girl singer, I'm pretty sure this is some of the best music before. Great lyrics, great sound, great voice, you have everything! I really hope for you to get a CD because I would totally buy like ten copys just to help you guys out, anf to share this beautiful music with everyone here! This town needs a good band like He Is We to get people into good music. Thanks for making my ears smile =D Aug 25