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Gun Safe Accessories

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Gun safe accessories are often given secondary citizenship among first time liberty gun safe buyers. It is common because they tend to add to the pricing of the safe, however this doesn't mean these items are not necessary, on the contrary many of them are intrinsic to the daily usage of a gun safe and they should be considered the first time around: - Gun Suppliers

Gun Safe Dehumidifier

A gun safe dehumidifier is definitely an often overlooked accessory but it's function is very important. A gun safe dehumidifier keeps humidity leveled in the interior protecting metal, or your guns, from rusting. There are many types in the market. The first is the Dry-Rod dehumidifier that is plugged into an electrical. Air is heated through the Rod then rises to the top of the gun safe to then get replaced by colder air, producing air movement constantly. This process raises the temperature with the guns slightly enough (3 degrees) to avoid moisture. Another options is the renowned Eva-Dry Dehumidifier. One of the highlights of this product would it be doesn't require electricity batteries to operate, so if you are placing your gun definately not an electrical outlet, this is the solution for you. The Eva-Dry is known since it is a non-toxic solution rather than calcium chloride bags. It's filled with silica gel which absorb moisture and lock it. When the device is "full" the silica is renewed by plugging the unit into a power outlet. Once the indicator goes back to blue the Eva-Dry is ready to go back to the safe. This technique can be repeated for about ten years.

Accessory Door Panel

The gun safe accessory door panel is roofed in many higher end models, based on the brand, if you are buying a newbie gun safe, try to include this inside your order. It's just cool to start the door and have whole group of pockets and compartments to place stuff in them. Believe me, you will find stuff to set there. Usually they've compartments for several handguns, in addition to bigger pockets for ammo or anything you want to put in them, and a minimum of the Liberty Safe option posseses an insulated pocket for media files. Simply speaking, sooner or later you'll end up receiving one of these.

Jewelry Drawer

Is your wife planning to join you inside the purchase? There are very nice jewelry drawers to fit different types of safes. I once heard the wife of the customer say that what she liked a little more about the safe was that whatever the protection, she knew where her valuables were. A jewellery drawer will help separate guns out of your wife's treasures.

Anchoring Kit

A secure keeps your guns and valuables resistant to burglars, but at the same time calls their attention telling them exactly where goodies are. Should you place the safe in a place where it is susceptible, like a garage, and the thieves have transportation plus some basic tools, they can take that safe with them. The solution for this will be the anchoring kit comprised of thick screws for cement, or but in addition wood. Installation ought to be done by professionals. - Gun Suppliers


Posted Sep 30, 2015 at 11:47pm