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#1 TOP 10 Gun Safes 2018 at GunSafery.com

At Gun Safes at Gunsafery.com, we take pride in every gun safe and home safe manufactured.

Gun Safes at GunSafery

GunSafery continues to set the standard in home gun safe security, fire protection, value and elegance. Every gun safe and home safe is custom built using only the highest quality materials, with extra care taken to ensure your satisfaction for a lifetime.

No matter what you choose to secure in your GunSafery.com - heirlooms, guns, important documents, jewelry - we have a make and model of home gun safe suited just for you.

Join the tens of thousands who have already found an affordable, responsible and sensible way to safeguard their prized possessions in the convenience of their own home.

Best Gun Safes at GunSafery

Sale of weapons safes and cabinets

For the storage of firearms to individuals, inexpensive metal cabinets with an initial level of burglar resistance are quite suitable. To legal entities, the requirements are stricter - they recommend weapon safes, which are more resistant to burglary. Especially for the storage of short-barreled firearms and traumatic weapons, pistol safes have been developed.

Metal cabinet - the most affordable solution for storing weapons at home. From the safe it is distinguished by a lower cost and level of protection.

All weapons cabinets, presented in our catalog, meet the requirements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for individuals to store firearms. For more information, we suggest to read the review "How to choose the safest weapon for weapons." Buyer's guide.

In our store there are more than 350 models of weapon and pistol safes, both domestic and foreign. Each product is unique in its characteristics, internal device, cost.

If you only buy weapons and choose your first safe:

  • Take armory cabinet on 2 barrels - free space is used for accessories. If you go, and buy a second trunk - there will still be room for him;

  • We recommend to consider options with a metal thickness of at least 1.5 mm - all that is thinner will be completely too flimsy;

  • Do not recommend cabinets that are locked with postal locks - consider options with lock locks.

  • If the weapon you already have and can not fit in the old closet:

  • it makes sense to buy a solid weapon safe from 3 mm of steel, since the probability of buying a third safe is already small;

  • it is convenient when the internal space of the safe is divided into zones by a vertical partition: on one side of the shelf, on the other - lodgements under the guns;

  • practical, if the shelves are removable and adjustable in height - if necessary, you can always free up additional space for another 2-4 rifles;
    make sure that the cartridge compartment in the safe is ample roomy.

  • Tips: The larger a safe is, the more it costs. So the best way to save money is to purchase only as much interior safe space as required. However, it’s common for a first-time buyer to underestimate the amount of space he needs, resulting in added expense purchasing another safe down the road.

    Which lock to choose:

  • if limited by budget, take with key locks;

  • the code lock is more convenient to use, you do not need to carry keys;

  • If the house has children, take it with a code lock.

  • Capacity

    When buying an armory safe it is worth paying attention to its size. This is especially true for novice hunters who buy their first safe. They prefer to choose a safe for one or two guns, but later, with the increase in the arsenal, the question of buying a new safe inevitably arises. In a reliable weapons safe you can store not only weapons, but important documents or personal values. Therefore, it is recommended to take a safe with a margin - this will avoid additional costs in the future.

    Often weapon safes are equipped with a lockable cartridge compartment - a tracer. This allows us to comply with the requirement of weapons legislation, which requires that weapons and ammunition be kept separately. The trays should be large enough to keep the cartridges on the shelves. Many models of safes are equipped with removable shelves, adjustable in height. If necessary, they can be removed, thus freeing up the space for another pair of rifles.

    The inside of the door can be equipped with functional hinges - hooks for ramrods and keys, frames for knives, and trays for grease cups and rags.


    Weapon safes have a small footprint at a considerable height, which makes them extremely unstable. Especially the probability of a safe falling when opening a door with a functional hinge is particularly high. Therefore, it makes sense to secure the safe, while eliminating the risk of its theft along with the content. In addition, fastening the safe is a mandatory requirement on the part of the district inspector.

    Secure the safes with anchor bolts to the concrete base - floor or wall. A set of fasteners can be supplied in the kit. If it does not, the anchors can be purchased in any construction hypermarket. For self-installation, you will need one or two anchor bolts and a perforator.

    We appreciate the time of our customers. Therefore, we have developed an interactive product search service that helps customers save time and choose the right model for themselves. Visit our website: #1 TOP Gun Safes for more information and shopping. If you have any questions about weapons safes, please contact our professional consultants - call, write!


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