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God Loves a Challenge

New songs and 3-d showcase at Webster Hall 4/6


Genres: Other / Acoustic

Location: Teaneck, NJ

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Hi! Welcome to our official Purevolume page. We are excited to have our music hosted on this site. If you are new to us, take a second and have a listen. Right now (as of early January 2010), we are in the studio again writing the next batch of songs which will presumably be our first album...or something like that. We are already so utterly excited to know we have some support from you guys already. You have been our backbone in these early stages. 2010 is our time, and we will arrive whether or not you are ready.THANK YOU for being a part of it with us. We would like to enlist you into our new little army and help us spread the word and recruit more troops for the battle we are preparing to wage against a music scene which is currently completely devoid of anything resembling magic.... Can't wait for the future to arrive (with you).

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  • Sandrine Besteller said:
    Cool Music Mar 17
  • Sandrine Besteller said:
    Love this Music Mar 17
  • adcleaning2 said:
    nice Oct 27
  • Captain Wow! said:
    Ah, "God Loves A Challenge." The only musical group I've ever discovered that has decent popularity despite having done NOTHING. Seriously guys, what happened? you said 2010 was your year, yet it's halfway through 2011 and we've got nothing. GLAC has a ton of potential and I LOVE what you guys have put out so far, but you died!!! Get the heck back here and show us your stuff!!! Jun 17
  • H'deel said:
    if u all would b so kind n check out this band..........they won't dissapoint......... they're called The Third Of May........ http://www.purevolume.com/TheThirdOfMayCT Sep 08
  • andrew manly said:
    Hi I have added your songs to my play list they are nice keep up the good work, please let me know your facebook,myspace accounts link i want to add you there you can also add me on www.partyave.com/andrew , facebook.com/andrewnewyork. Jul 28
  • kristen said:
    first fake love = Jun 13
  • xavier solveig said:
    nice songs. May 30
  • Dita said:
    hey, check out my side project called Crown Ether at http://purevolume.com/CrownEther, thanks! Apr 29
  • Silicate said:
    ♥amaazzzing♥ Apr 28
  • KensingtonsGhost! said:
    Awesome sound, deer in head lights is so amazing. Feb 16
  • Maquita said:
    good luck guys! we are supporting from chile Jan 29
  • Victoria Mary said:
    pure genius Jan 27
  • TBR said:
    Heyy click my profile to download all my stuff for free! for fans of catchy indie rock =) Jan 17
  • Gab Laforteza said:
    Check out my music. Inspired by NeverShoutNever and Owl City. www.purevolume.com/RawrForRawr . Thanks in advance :D Jan 17

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