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Genres: Pop Punk / Rock / Alternative

Location: Indonesia

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Starting from the end of 2006, precisely on 14th october, we set the little boy who wanted to form a band punkrock homage, to give different shades of the music in our city ... Day after day we've been through, and we all agreed to make a band punkrock by giving the name "Pistol FOR MOM'S" which berpersonilkan: (Gede-vocal),, (Tim-Tim-guitars),, (Dimaz-guitars) (Samsenk-bass),, (Okie-drums) Name "Pistol FOR MOM'S" is given from the vocalist of our own which means "pistol FOR MAMA" ... originally the words were just a fad in the notepad ucapin,, has no meaning or purpose of the meaning of anything,, maybe the words were very sounds unique aja for us all ... and finally we all agree, give the word "gun FOR MOM'S" to name our band ... and ready to move into the front ... But do not survive a few months, one of our personnel are called Dimaz choose to vacuum because Following his school in Jakarta must ... after going for his gun Dimaz from moms, we feel a void in our music sounds, but after our long search for a replacement 2minggu Dimaz, we were finally getting Enu who wants to help us fill the void created and all Dimaz replace ... But at the end of March 2008,, our vocalist named Gede also choose to vacuum, because for Continuing his lectures in Jakarta again ... we must seek new personnel to replace Gede position as a vocal,, one day after day we had, and we finally managed to get Adi really intent to join a gun for moms, and want to replace the position of Gede as the vocals ... And finally completed the present "pistol FOR MOM'S" with the formation of new: (Adi-vocal),, (Tim-Tim -guitars),, (Enu-guitars),, (Samsenk-bass),, (Okie-drums) we have again problem okie also to bandung but we getting ARIE last drumer for give me after and now We hope,,, hopefully all the work of our music can be accepted and heard by all the community ... Contact: 085 750 288 867 (SAMSENK_MELLOEW)
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November 07, 2007
Adi_vocal Enu_Guitars Samsenk_Bass Tim-Tim_Guitars Sengenk_Drum
Read more: http://www.myspace.com/pistolformoms#ixzz0vXrDjgMM


  • Ken Martin said:
    This is great one!! Mar 08
  • juliana said:
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  • samsenk PRATAMA said:
    everybody put your hand's up breey !!! hhaeaeaaa Jan 11
  • yolla dwitya putri said:
    ahhahahha mantaaaaaaf! Oct 11
  • ricky kacrud said:
    muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantaf reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek... hiks hiks hiks aw aw aw Aug 04
  • My name Defenda said:
    ea. Aug 04
  • dimmy wentz said:
    cihuuuuuuuuuuy... Aug 04


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