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Gil Holland



Genres: Pop

Location: Phoenix, AZ

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Gil Holland began taking piano lessons at the age of nine, but he recalls that he always thought in music and sound. He began composing music soon thereafter. As a child of immigrants from Mexico, Spanish was his first language. His parents, neither of them having had completed a formal level of education, emphasized and encouraged studies and the pursuit of knowledge.

Although Gil always had a dream of finding himself in the arts, he pursued a career in medicine. He wanted to devote his life to helping others and to making a difference in people’s lives. Nonetheless, he kept his creative pulse alive by continuing his musical studies. While obtaining his degree in biology at the University of Texas at Austin, Gil also took additional piano and studio music courses. Throughout his time at the Medical College of Wisconsin, he found a way to take music courses in addition to medical school, and volunteered to run the mixing board when friends performed live gigs.

Fast forward to present day…

As Gil became established in his career as a family physician, he still dreamed of his passion - music expression. He began taking courses at Berklee College of Music’s online program in order to update his knowledge on modern day music production. In 2013, Gil met Charles ‘Chip’ Bonfanti, and he has been working with Chip in further developing his singing voice. The commencement for recording and presentation of his music to the public began spring 2014, when Gil began working with the renowned producer and song writer Gardner Cole.



You Couldn't Be

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