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Get More Leads

High Traffic Academy is a program that was designed to teach marketers how to find a niche and affiliate market someone else's product using his "proven system" to gain profit.

This may not be the first time you've heard the name Vick Strizheus. He has developed many different training programs and promoted them on the internet.

We are going to focus on High Traffic Academy as this is the current product that he focuses on at this time.

The thing that makes Vick different from the others out there is his high energy level and perceived dedication to giving his students the very best information to insure success, as well as his desire to make a difference in the internet marketing arena. Simply put, he wants to create more success stories than any of his competitors and help his students "stand out above the crowd".

Make Money Online

Vick's approach to teaching is over the shoulder and as close to real-time marketing as possible. He stresses that he despises boring marketing theory and just wants to cut right to the meat and potatoes of what actually works.

What is most appealing to most people is his free 4-part video series that actually teaches you the basic model of his real tactics. These tactics could be applied to your marketing arsenal immediately and of course is appealing enough to get those interested to take the next step of enrolling in his affordable real training course.

I feel that High Traffic Academy is a middle of the road training course at a middle of the road price and personally feel that to a novice it may seem exciting but more experienced marketers will stay away from it due to lack of content and more well-rounded marketing strategies.

Finally, with too many missing key elements, even the novice marketers might be feeling incomplete after going through the entire course.

The whole purpose of internet marketing is to build an evergreen business, something that will be around for years to come. Getting the right education about all of the various aspects of online marketing is not only important to making money on the Internet but should be looked at as a requirement for your success.


Posted Aug 04, 2015 at 6:24am