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Geoffrey Sonnen


Genres: Pop / R&B

Location: Bailey, PA

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Geoffrey Sonnen emerged out of primordial waters of South-Eastern PA on March 25th, [undisclosed year]. After banging his head on a Leslie cabinet when he was 4 years old,he heard the call of music whispering into his keen ear(s). "I never understood those perpetually perplexing points of black skipping up and down those odious little lines... The lines made me feel imprisoned behind geometric patterns and were limiting my freedom to run a muck!" And he has been running mucks ever since. Though never mired in the "Tar Pits of Rules & Regulations",he knew inherently that "practice makes perfect.". "I've been practicing ever since!"

Geoffrey's first investigation into the realm of musical expression came about at the tender age of 7 when he shocked his mother to tears (whilst speaking on the phone,no less),and brought her to understanding that he had a gift. "My mom tried to teach me on the Hammond X77 we had in the living room,but she didn't realize that I wasn't reading music and simply picking everything up by ear. I began practicing in Junior High School for hours after school every day on the piano up until 12 Grade." So,with fortitude,diligence,and just uncommon spunk,years later at the tender age of 17,he pursued the sights,sounds and the smells emanating from every gin joint,night club,hotel and theater in and around Reading,PA and NYC. He was the last artist to play at Reading's last Art Deco theater,The Astor,(following the likes of Billy Joel and Barry Manilow),until it was demolished in the late 90s to make room for the Sovereign Center. He was also asked to play in 1992 at an AIDS benefit run by The Blue Light Organization in Pasco/Richland/Kennewick,Washington State.

"Well,I'd come to see that I was one of the last of a seemingly dying breed in regards to being a cocktail lounge pianist/one-man-show in the Reading area. For whatever reason,it seemed that either the places with piano bars closed down or they had gotten rid of their pianos altogether. So,after too many years of bouncing around in the streets and playing background music for Epicurean patrons,I decided to move to the Harrisburg area and finally focus on the originals that I've created throughout the years."

Geoffrey has played the keys for several bands from Reading,namely,SteelHorse,The Attic Band,and the occasional rubber band. After moving to the Harrisburg area,he has been regularly playing at various venues such as The Doyle Hotel in Duncannon,St. Thomas Roasters in Linglestown,Carley's and the Stage On Herr,both in Harrisburg. He has also been regularly performing at various gatherings in Hummelstown,Halifax,Hershey,Harrisburg,and Quarryville,and at the annual Arts & Music Fest for the past 7 years,which became the Pablo Emilio Memorial Music Fest held by The Music Lovers Circle of Central PA. He is a member of the Music Makers Community out of Harrisburg,PA.

I now reside "up the river,in the sticks" above Harrisburg near Liverpool,am an avid gardener and nature-lover,and I look into the beauty of life,the sounds of the wind and rain,the gifts from God,humour,expression and serenity. I've also been an amateur Egyptologist for many years,and have taken several courses in American Sign Language. I've also worked in numerous greenhouses,nurseries,and flower shops throughout the years,and have been since my genesis an artist and a poet. I have to say that within the last 5 years or so I've come to the conclusion that I simply have a unique gift of arrangement regarding what is both seen and heard. Still a work-in-progress here...So,hopefully it won't be long until I am able to share what gifts were given to me and my arrangements and original songs! Making a fine wine takes time!


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