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Garden Wall

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Genres: Progressive / Experimental / Rock

Location: Udine, Italy

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4 tracks


Current lineup:
Alessandro Seravalle (heart-felt emissions, electronics, keyboards, poems & guitars)
Raffaello Indri (lead and various guitars)
William Toson (fretted e fretless bass guitars)
Ivan Moni Bidin (drums)
Gianpietro Seravalle (electropercussions, loops)
Simone D'Eusanio (violin, keyboards)

Principium (1993, WMMS)
Path of Dreams (1994, WMMS)
The Seduction of Madness (1995, WMMS)
Chimica (1997, WMMS)
Forget the Colours (2002, Mellow Records)
Towards the Silence (2004, Mellow Records)
Aliena(c)tion (2008, Mellow Records)
Recital for a season's end (A tribute to Marillion) - Incubus (2010, Mellow Records)
Assurdo (2011, Lizard Records)

Alessandro Seravalle started Garden Wall's journey at the end of the Eighties.
Through the usual line-up changes, the band realized its first demo-tape, simply titled “Garden Wall”, in 1992. The following year the German producer Peter Wustmann, well-impressed by the tape, decided to offer Garden Wall the chance to sign for his independent label WMMS. So in May 1993 the band was in Stuttgart to record its debut CD “Principium”, seven tracks spanning between modern symphonic prog and heavy prog. The album met the interest and strong approval of the specialized press.
One year later Garden Wall went back to the same studio to lay down their second effort, “Path of Dreams”, a work that radicalized in some way the approach of the first album and allowed Garden Wall to spread their music also outside Italy (the band’s website was created by Vitaly Menshikov, a fan from Uzbekistan as well as co-founder of the Progressor.net webzine).
In 1995 the well-known drummer Camillo Colleluori joined the band and, also thanks to his “parossistic drumming”, the band's sound became more aggressive and the rhythmical-harmonical research became extremely advanced, as witnessed by the very heavy yet very experimental third release of the band “The Seduction of Madness”.
In 1997 Garden Wall released “Chimica”, a sort of personal interpretation of the progmetal paradigm filtered through all the band’s influences, featuring the 34 minutes suite “Chemotaxis”. The album gained great success and response amidst journalists and critics. The live activity of the band increased too, bringing them to play all over Italy and also in Germany and Netherlands.
In 2000, after some troubles with the label that produced the first four works, Garden Wall realized the self-produced demo-Cd “Aliena(c)tion”, a sort of “manifesto” of their sound, based on the fusion of highly heterogeneous elements melted together in an extremely violent and heavy rock.
In 2001 Garden Wall signed a new contract with the Italian indie Mellow Records, which released their fifth full-length Cd “Forget the Colours”. The band introduced in its sound a melting-pot of styles including extreme metal, typical progressive solutions, classic contemporary suggestions and moments of ethno-jazz rock.
The sixth work of the band “Towards the Silence” (a sort of Chapter II of some kind of trilogy begun with “Forget the Colours”) saw the light in 2004. It followed the musical path of the previous album, even if with kind of more “linear” structures.
After a hiatus of four years, in 2008 Mellow Records released the seventh album of the band, called “Aliena(c)tion”. It featured the three unreleased tracks from the 2000 self produced demo plus some live material from the noise-theatrical-metal years. The band signed also a deal with the Russian label Mals Records for the reissue and distribution in the ex-USSR of their entire back catalogue. In the meantime Garden Wall, after some lineup changes, kept on working on “Assurdo”, the third and closing chapter of the trilogy begun with “Forget the Colours” and a new turning point in the band’s sound: clean but strange guitar sounds, massive amounts of electronics, lots of acoustic instruments (such as violin, clarinet, vibraphone, flute and so on…), theatrical vocals, bizarre harmonies, contemporary classic music structures, jazz, funk and post-rock injections. In 2010 Mellow Records released the triple CD "Recital for a season's end - A tribute to Marillion", which featured Garden Wall's personal interpretation of the British band’s classic "Incubus", from the 1984 "Fugazi" album. Shortly after Garden Wall faced the second change of label of its career, leaving Mellow and signing with Lizard Records.
On July 7, 2011 the eighth album “Assurdo”, the band’s more ambitious and stylistically complex effort so far, has been finally released by Lizard Records. And so a new page has been written...