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The creation of animated cartoons

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The creation of animated cartoons
Disney and Looney Tunes cartoons have been since time immemorial. People in their thirties today grew up seeing these kinds of cartoons. Since these kinds of cartoons are very amusing, they are still really popular all over the globe. You might not get to watch Mickey Mouse and his dog Pluto on TV anymore but these are icons in the cartoon world even the smallest of kids recognize them. It is impossible to compare the kinds of cartoons during the olden days with the ones today. Modern cartoon production has become so complicated and produces even more exciting figures. Funny Cartoons

Production of animated cartoons

You will be amazed by the great innovation that have happened in the making of cartoons. Basically to create cartoons, lots of pictures are illustrated of a particular cartoon in different positions. For example if the cartoon is walking, a lot of images of the cartoon must be drawn showing the positions of walking. Now this is the interesting part- cartoon production preys on the visual perception of human beings which is not all that good.

To make that effect of the cartoon walking, the pictures that have been illustrated are played in rapid succession. This is at least the most fundamental method of creating animated cartoons. You should play the same cartoon against a different background if you would like a change in scenery or geographical location. Take for example the story of Snow White- there will be a background of a forest, a palace and a mountain which the evil which will fall off from. It can be a very exhausting job because around twelve drawings are needed to create 1 second of cartoons.  Cartoon Toilet

Computer technology is utilized in the production of modern cartoons. Although the basic outline is hand-drawn, you need to use the computer to fill in other details and the color. Nevertheless modern cartoon production is difficult because the frames will need to be drawn by hand. The standard 20-minute cartoon footage would involve creation of at least thirty thousand separate frames.

This is commonly done after a script has been made. Both soundtracks and voices have been recorded. After the frames have been made then color is added and edited. The voice recording process must be in synchrony with the frame running. Sound effects are made if need be and added to the frames together with the music. In truth it took teams of people working sleepless nights for a few years to produce Disney's animated movie Lion King.

Why are We Really Entertained by Cartoons?

Just like any other TV video, people are entertained by cartoons. You see just like movies and TV series, cartoons have a storyline as well. The only distinction with animated cartoons is that the characters are not truly human beings. More often than not, they have the voices of people. When watching cartoons, the ridiculous things is what really makes them enjoyable. Through the course of the story, the cartoons would say or do something that is totally out of this world and send viewers into spasms of laughter. Watching cartoons is certainly one way to spend the day bonding with the family. The good news is, most cartoons are not only for children but for grownups too.


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