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Simple Tips for Doing Any Math Calculations in Your Head

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Since the day we're born we have been related to numbers in a few or any other way. For instance, we're born on some date that is a number; our age is a number, etc. Whenever we play any game we must handle numbers. As with cricket we make runs that are counted in numbers. In football or hockey you make goal that is again a number. There are many more examples.Fun With Figures Review

Most of us might have heard the language of Nature is Mathematics. That's actually true. The harder we learn about numbers, the greater we will get acquainted with about the Universe. We visit school and very soon get linked to numbers. Since the days advance our experience of numbers keep increasing. Numbers be a daily a part of our life. Even as grow we have to encounter a subject matter like math.Fun With Figures Review

Math is definitely a beautiful subject and it's also dreaded too. Some find math very worthwhile although some fear math as if it is a ghost. Dealing with math means doing lots of calculations. Calculations can be extremely simple as along with they can be very complex.

The essential things require calculating are additions, subtraction, multiplications, division, finding square and square roots, cube and cube roots, and more. At school we have been taught techniques to calculate on paper. As we advance further in everyday life we must deal with more advanced calculations. So we start employing calculators. But we have never known that any an easy task to complex calculations can be achieved in head. Mental calculations are seldom taught in schools and colleges.

Mental calculations have numerous benefits:

1) It saves lot of time as possible go calculation in head.

2) We will no longer require calculators. In lot of competitive exams calculators are not allowed. So mental calculations prove useful as these exams require doing calculations extremely fast.

3) In addition, it increases mental sharpness as we stretch our mind and concentrate on the numbers.

There are lots of tricks and techniques to calculate anything fast in your mind, probably within a second.

For example- Suppose you want to multiply a range by 11. Say you need to multiply 26 by 11. It is possible in this way.

First add the digits, 2+6 = 8 and set it between 26 that provide the solution 286.

In an identical way it is possible when you wish to multiply 3-digit number by 11. Say 132 by 11. Therefore it can be done as:

First add 1+3=4 after which add 3+2=6 and put these answers between 1 and two giving 1462.

Fortunately that one can learn these tricks and methods. Mastering the skill of calculations is quite easy once we be aware of strategies to calculate. Those that fear math can get comfortable having fun with numbers. You will definitely fare best than your peers. You will end up referred to as a magician of calculating anything. You'll be able to handle big problems fast with very accurate guess. And last however, not the least you'll discover how interesting subject mathematics is!


Posted Nov 26, 2013 at 8:19am