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Tips That Can Improve Your Basketball Shooting Skills

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Shooting is the most important of the many aspects to the game of basketball. Shooting is actually a variety of skills, not just one, since you have to make shots from various angles in various situations. The best players know it's important to shoot effectively from anywhere on the court. Use the following tips to help you improve your shooting skills.

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To improve your shooting, practice as much as you can on your own and with your team. Practicing the same shots over and over can be tedious but it's the only way to improve. Practice taking shots when standing close to the basket and slowly move further away. You will learn how to keep your balance while also learning how much force is needed to make shots at varying distances.

Doing this drill will also help build up your confidence as you learn to make shots from further away.

Every player on the court has a particular shooting range, and you shouldn't try to shoot outside of this range. Your shooting range has to do with your skills as well as physical strength, and if you stay within this range during a game you'll be much more accurate. When shooting during a game, it's important to operate based on your actual range, not the range you wish you had or hope to have in the future. So taking shots from within your range should be your policy, though there will always be exceptions, as when you have the ball and the clock is running out. Even though it looks dramatic to makes shots from a great distance, this is really not nearly as important as it is to become a better shooter from within your natural range.

Hook shots are crucial and very helpful in different scenarios. These are especially very useful for centers and forwards. You make a hook shot off the foot opposite of the hand you're shooting with. So if you're going to shoot with your right hand, you'd pivot to the left. This is done while holding the ball palm-up. Then start the shot with your left foot and let go of the ball by shooting over your head in a arc. This is an ideal shot to take if your blocker is tall. The ball will be high up in the air with this shot. There are many different ways to take the hook shot. It will depend on the scenario when it comes to how a hook shot will be performed.

Shooting basketball takes raw talent, lots of practice, and concentration. Everyone has natural abilities, but whether or not you live up to your potential is up to you.

Develop your strengths, but also work on any weaknesses, whether it's layups or free throws that are challenging for you. When you keep the above tips in mind, over time you will see improvement in your game and your shooting skills.

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Posted May 12, 2012 at 11:52am