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How to Choose Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

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We consider helmets as the best equipments for protecting our heads against strong winds or injuries in an event that an accident occurs.

Sometimes we can get bored especially when riding alone and due to the improved technology on the Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet , a helmet accompanied with a smart device like a smartphone can be able to help us communicate with other bikers who have Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, communicate to our passenger if we have sets of this type of helmet, we can use them as a multimedia to listen to music and radio and it can give us direction or rather navigation.

The Bluetooth device when connected to our smartphones is capable of alerting us when there is a phone call and immediately we press a button within the device to receive the call.

Is the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet safe? This question arises in our minds especially when we ought to purchase the device, the level of microwaves produced by the helmet Bluetooth device is more or less the same to the one produced by our smart phones and the device is placed outside the helmet or rather a distance from our head making it safer.

The helmets can either be full face or half face, depending on whichever that suits our heads.

There are two major types of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets that we can find in the shop and they include;

Pre-installed Bluetooth System

As the name suggests, this type of helmet comes with installed Bluetooth system. They are quite expensive but their lack of additional installation makes them user friendly due to their efficiency during usage.

Nevertheless, the devices in this group of helmets are made with quality materials making them worth to invest for since they can last long.

We cannot be able to know whether these helmets have the devices since they can be hidden within the helmet eliminating unnecessary bulkiness.

Helmet capable Bluetooth System

This group of helmets requires some form of Bluetooth device installation but it can be used without it. We have the option of having a Bluetooth helmet gear or not, this feature makes this group enticing.

Things to consider when choosing the best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Connectivity with Bluetooth

The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet we should choose should be up to date in that it should have four -way connectivity.

When I am riding, I should be able to be connected with another rider, listen to radio, talk to my passenger in a case that I have one and be able to be on a phone call at the same time. This is called efficiency and it is a technical feature to look for when in a lane of purchasing a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

Audio Speaker Built in

When choosing a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, we should consider the audio speaker in the helmet. It should have a high density speaker which has the ability to control noise and reduce wind noise which irritates us as the riders to maximize the functionality of our helmets.

Signal Strength

We are ought to choose a Bluetooth helmet which posses a strong signal of which most of them have this technical characteristic making their functionality to be efficient. This allows communication between two parties to be clear especially in newer versions of the Bluetooth helmets.

Power Efficiency

We should consider the power efficiency of the Bluetooth helmet before purchasing it. Here, we look at the one that uses minimal power thereby talking linger time before draining the battery. Most of us are long distance riders and this type of characteristic is even efficient for our Bluetooth helmets.

Firmware Upgradable

The operating system designed to run our Bluetooth helmet should be upgradable. We should ensure that the manufacturer provides a firmware update for the specific Bluetooth helmet we are ought to buy.

There are several reasons why we may need to update our firmware and they include; security features and fixes whereby it is needed to correct vulnerable features present in the current software and performance enhancement which is always a good thing.


Price is a contact factor to consider any commodity. When it comes to Bluetooth helmet, there is a variety of prices available. If I want a bundled Bluetooth helmet, I should prepare my pocket well but if I have the helmet in I will just need to install a separate Bluetooth helmet intercom, making it much cheaper.


The Personal Area Network is always restricted and hence we should choose a motorcycle Bluetooth helmet according to our setup of riding.

Used or Brand New

It is always said that opportunity comes once in a lifetime and hence if there is someone selling his or her used Bluetooth helmet we should grab the opportunity of experiencing the feeling of using it and save some amount of money. When we have the ability to purchase a brand new Bluetooth helmet then we should go to the shop and buy it for it to last long.


With the improved technology, life is becoming simpler and more enjoyable in our generations and we should put into account several factors when it comes to the choices we make. We should know how to choose best Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet;Guide to be able to maximize the value of the devices equipped in it.

There are different models and companies available where we can get these helmets which include Sena, Cardo Scala, Uclear, Sharks and many others. when choosing the best motorcycle Bluetooth helmet, we should look at the one which is the most recent because it is the one which is developed.


It is good to protect our heads during riding but it is far much better to give ourselves luxury of listening to radio and communicating with each other while riding.





Posted Oct 02, 2015 at 8:17pm