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Why Hire a Public Adjuster?

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Often used the tv commercials warning you 'not to speak with the insurance policy adjuster!'. Attorneys and public adjusters caution the general public that insurance providers get their attorneys fighting for the kids so you require an attorney or public adjuster fighting in your case!

However, there's a difference between a lawyer along with a PA. Attorneys are needed to graduate college, attend Several years of law school and pass a comprehensive state bar examination. Adjusters who represent homeowners against insurance firms must pass a 100 question licensing test without having prerequisite program whatsoever.

Florida Public Adjuster

Throughout the 2004-2005 storms the University of Orlando received call after call from candidates, particularly in Miami, who wished to be eligible for a 3-20 license. NOTE: Adjusters who represent house owners are paid a share fee through the monies recovered for the client.


When callers were asked whenever they had any claims experience, it had been a fact of life that this new applicant was going to be the 'sales person' rather than an adjuster, but they needed permission to solicit clients.

What that meant was that the new licensee would definitely personally contact disaster victims promoting them over a PA firm's services. Making that sale resulted in the sales rep would receive a percentage of any insurance recovery.

Florida Public Adjuster

Now attorneys usually are not permitted to head to someone's house and solicit clients, and so the question should be raised, each and every Florida allow Public Adjusters to solicit clients personally? Honestly, there isn't any good solution to that question.

Disaster victims are vulnerable and so, attorneys may not engage in solicitation. Public Adjusters believe that home owners need that information, though the same argument might be generated for legal services also.


Since January 1, 2009, new licensee candidates will not be permitted to just take the state licensing examination. They shall be forced to serve a 12 month apprenticeship within the guidance of a licensed 3-20 Adjuster. Sounds good, except there isn't any requirement that any licensed PA actually provide an apprenticeship.

Consumption 22 is while new Public Adjusters must serve an apprenticeship, there's not apt to be many, if any at all, available. PA's aren't necessary to actually provide apprenticeships to new applicants. If there are few or no apprenticeships, there won't be any new public adjusters competing with existing firms for the people contingency fees.


Why would a home owner engage a PA rather than legal counsel? Public adjusters will report that they are fully aware the claims process better than attorneys. This can be true occasionally, since some public adjusters come from an extensive claims background, however many don't.

A very important factor is completely true...all attorneys originate from extensive legal training and no public adjuster is empowered to go to court or litigate claims that cannot be settled. If you're planning on finding a public adjuster, below are a few guidelines to think about:

1. What's the adjusters background training?

2. What kinds of cases happen to be successfully settled and so are there references you can contact?

3. What complaints, or no happen to be filed from the adjuster or firm?


Discover what the insurance plan company's position is before employing a public adjuster. In case you are the insured you have an obligation to cooperate and help in the settlement of the claim. It may well be that one could resolve your claim without pay a share with the idea to a legal professional or a public adjuster.

Eventually, if you are finding a public adjuster or an attorney, learn everything you can about this individual before signing a binding agreement. You happen to be your personal best advocate!


Posted Nov 12, 2015 at 6:39am