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How to Choose the Right Fitness Class

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Trying out a fitness class can be a great way to achieve your fitness goals; and with host of classes sold at most gyms and leisure centres, there's a fitness class for everyone. The following article explains many of the most popular fitness classes in depth, and the various benefits these entail. - Sandgate Fitness Classes Bootcamps North Brisbane

What exactly are your goals?

The first stage when choosing the right fitness class is to establish what it is exactly that you are wanting to achieve. The following are some of the common goals of fitness classes along with the right activity to pick in order to achieve them

Would you like to lose weight?

Step aerobics fitness is a great way to get in shape and shed any other pounds. Most classes centre on an aerobics step, from which almost all of the class exercises are based. Participants can increase the intensity of their workout with the addition of lifts under the step, making it higher from the ground and therefore more difficult to jump or step onto well as over. The moves are generally quite basic, making this type of fitness class perfect for beginners.

Do you want to increase cardiovascular fitness and endurance?

Kickboxing and also other martial arts are a great type of intense cardiovascular exercise and in addition helps to define muscles. Martial arts training fitness classes are generally non-stop, intense cardio exercise. Participants are kicking their legs, punching and jabbing their arms, whilst simultaneously, working the abs and buttocks without the need of realising it. The blend of arms and legs constantly moving creates a highly effective high intensity cardiovascular workout. Going to a marital arts fitness class like kickboxing a few times a week will, without doubt, increase your cardiovascular endurance which help you to lose weight.

Do you want to increase flexibility and core strength?

In order to increase flexibility and core strength, fitness classes like yoga and pilates are highly recommended. Yoga is a practice which concerns breathing and stretching into and holding poses, increasing flexibility and muscle strength. Most classes provide a variety of levels to accommodate first-timers through to advanced participants.

Pilates is really a practice that focuses again on breathing (although the breathing is different from those of yoga) and core strengthening. Pilates fitness classes generally concentrate on strengthening the abdominal, back, buttock and arm muscles only using the weight of the body.

Do you wish to tone and define muscles?

Circuit fitness classes, where cardio exercise and weight lifting are combined, are an easy way to tone and define muscles. Most of those classes combine basic aerobic steps if you use free weights to developed muscles while you progress up a sweat. Since dumbbells are used, participants can choose the level of development and toning to merely achieve. There is a limited timeframe spent performing each exercise, before moving onto the next one, and this a great way of burning plenty of calories, and getting fit relatively quickly. - Sandgate Fitness Classes Bootcamps North Brisbane


Posted Jul 12, 2015 at 12:34am