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  • brycesXe said:
    i like yalls throat its deep Nov 26
  • Sweere said:
    Add Comment here... Nov 21
  • Scullfucker said:
    wassup, you kids are the shit! I live in Woodridge too, so if you let me know when you guys are playing or anything I\'ll be there. Or promotion or whatever, I know a lot of peeps and I spread the word! Sep 02
  • said:
    great original sound Aug 03
  • sandel_man said:
    you guys are awesome, I know a couple of people in pennsylvannia who would go to your show if you played here, and by a couple i mean alot Jun 27
  • RockHardcore666 said:
    i noticed your playing in columbus soon. you should hit up cincinnati after or before that. keep up the good work Jun 20
  • ilikehim said:
    u guys are awesome Jun 11
  • a_monk_named_demon_slayer said:
    pure awsome ness! Jun 09
  • a_monk_named_demon_slayer said:
    you guys rock! you sound like showdown (my favorite band)! keep rocking out! Jun 09
  • And_Emilie_Sinks said:
    you guyts should come down to CT one day. i would really like to see you live :] Jun 09
  • Posth said:
    nice job guys, greets from france ;) Jun 08
  • Posth said:
    nice job guys, greets from france ;) Jun 08
  • *_Crafty_Bodom_* said:
    u guys are really talented and i hope everyhting goes wicked with the demo Jun 07
  • iknomusic said:
    Hey guys awesome stuff. So much talent. keep it up Jun 06
  • jpizzy5474 said:
    What A GRRRRREAt Demo! simply outstanding talent. your bass and guitart parts remind me of trivium, but theyre even more melodic. simply outstanding. I especially like And Angels Last Prayer. I look forward to hearing more of you guys in the futre. Rock4Life!! Jun 06
  • said:
    hey you spelt Michigan wrong. you used an E instead of an I. Just letting you know. where are you playing in Michigan? Cause I wanna go when you come. I\'d pay twice!! Jun 05
  • cradle_of_filth_112 said:
    AMAZING!! Thats all i can say. Just..AMAZING. :) May 30
  • said:
    ohmygosh. you guys are amazing. i love the song die for me and soul defile. hxc May 20
  • XXchica_ish_spifeehxx said:
    Er, try slowing down yourself in \'Die for me\' and get a slightly higher quality mike. You guys rock tho! Luv ya! May 18
  • said:
    HEY!!! u guys fucken rock i gave all ur songs to people at my school and they said u fucken rock u should play in adrian michagan that would be fucken awsome but yea keep on makeing new shit later Apr 30