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Face The Unknown


Genres: Metal

Location: Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom

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AT DEATHS DOOR, the debut full length CD by Teesside Metallers FACE THE UNKNOWN.

Old school, in your face stomp metal with modern influences. The album is the culmination of nearly three years of hard work, scrimping and saving, gigging and eventually setting up their own label in the process, and finally finishing the recording of At Deaths Door, which will be released on the bands own Never Say Never Records label in March 2010.

The history of FACE THE UNKNOWN can be traced back to the late eighties when vocalist Mark Duffy joined the Yorkshire metal band TORANAGA.

They began on PEACEVILLE Records, where they recorded their debut EP, BASTARD BALLADS in 1988, and were soon snapped up by Chrysalis for whom they released their first and only full-length album, GODs GIFT in 1990.

The band enjoyed a reasonable amount of success in their homeland whilst also winning over audiences in many parts of Europe supporting the likes of Metal Church, Annihilator and Manowar. Check out youtube for the video to The Shrine. A true 90s metal classic!!

When TORANAGA disbanded, Duffy formed the North East band X-SEED who released an album on Bleeding Hearts/ Music For Nations, entitled DESOLATION.

It was in X-SEED where Duffy first worked with FACE THE UNKNOWN guitarist Malcolm Spence.

In 2006 the vocalist put together a new band which would become FACE THE UNKNOWN.
The first line-up of the band recorded a demo EP. One of the featured tracks, the original version of 'You Can't Save Me', appeared on TERRORIZER magazine's 'Fear Candy 36' CD (issue 152). The usual line-up problems then ensued, delaying the progress of the band.

Major line-up changes were then undertaken, including singer Mark Duffy once again reuniting with old X-SEED band mate Malcolm Spence, who brought with him Rhythm Guitarist Bri Pitt and Drummer Wayne Senior.

The sound of the band instantly became heavier and darker. Old songs were reworked or ditched, and new ones written. The aim for FACE THE UNKNOWN, is to keep playing and have their songs heard by as many like minded people as possible.