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Export to Russia: Gost R, Standards and Technical Regulations

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Export to Russia: Gost R, Standards and Technical Regulations
The actual and no doubt complex economic moment, is forcing worldwide companies to look for, in order not to fail, new outlets for his or her goods. For several years, one of many preferred destinations for European companies, the Spain has being consistently present. German, Italian, Dutch and French exporters have competed difficult to conquer market share in most sectors of this large and promising economy. Russia exports and imports

The numbers reflect an important world economy, with a population of about 140 million people plus a GDP (Current Prices, Greenbacks) for Russia in year 2010 of US$ 1,465.08 Billion, numbers which will make it a member of G8 since 1998.

245 were the vast amounts of dollars of goods imported this season, 39% over the previous year, which however was marked by the severe crisis that hit the united states in 2008-2009. In 2010 the volume of imports showed an almost complete recovery when compared with pre-crisis levels, official data of the first six months of 2011 previously secured the passing of the levels, from January to July were in reality imported goods for 174billion U.S. dollars.

It really is natural that these numbers increase the risk for Russian market very attractive, particularly when the European and U.S. financial markets are under performing.

The decision to export to Russia brings by using it the obligation to deal with, even before having their products available of shops, various bureaucratic obstacles. Of these, probably the most important is the confirmation of conformity of merchandise and production to the Russian standards, which will is referred to from the acronym GOST R.

Gost R, outside of the Russian territory, shall mean an extremely diverse group of certifications. Certifications can be dedicated to particular sectors in the economy, such as research, extraction and transportation of hydrocarbons, in that case permission Rostekhnadzor mistakenly known worldwide as certified Gost RTN should be used.

Among the certifications which will surely have a larger affect food production exported to Russia, there is certainly the Declaration of compliance GOST R.

Or there are many certificates of conformity GOST R which are required for industrial production, such as: valves, pipes and building materials.

Gost These certifications, with the state health SGR registration (also called a health certificate in the customs union), are the equivalent of the CE mark and conforms to ISO rules, in effect in Europe.

Russia has just completed the 18 years political and bureaucratic process, and may officially attend a meeting of the WTO on December 15, making even more convenient and secure export on the country. russia imports and exports

This latest development will most likely require the Russian authorities to stop some of the measures still in effect, designed to protect their own producers, as expected, however, the alteration will be gradual and extensive improvements might not be evident immediately.

Within certification in Russia, progress has been made and are still doing, as an example, the Technical Regulations are replacing in order to comply with European standards, the old certificate of compliance GOST R.

In addition, the change in the Eurasian Economic Community inside a real customs and economic union, which has a single currency, will definitely improve the situation and make more convenient for our companies any sales project in the former Soviet Union and in their profitable markets.


Posted Feb 25, 2015 at 6:40am