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Evil Us


Genres: Rock / Indie

Location: Detroit, MI

Stats: 101 fans / 15,150 plays / 0 plays today






Members: Josh Frost - Vox/Guitar, Josh Goff - Guitar/Vox, Josh Colby - Drums, TBA - Bass

Get ready for some big stuff in the works... In the mean time, listen to our piano rendition of "Clocks and Time Pieces."

Find us on Facebook to, we update on it almost daily, along with posting snippets of music, new songs, and blogs.


  • jonsmetana said:
    dude ya'll are so good. search the city might be my favorite band. just found out about evil us. love it all Apr 18
  • Cole Davis said:
    The piano rendition is amazing! Keep up the good work guys! Oct 18
  • Marienfelde said:
    you are soooooooooooooo great :) Apr 06
  • derek said:
    I am the biggest fan of search the city... wishing you guys great success!! i still listen to a fire so big at least once a week! haha..I'm a freelance graphic designer.. holler if I can help out in any way! you guys fricken rock! clocks and timepieces piano rendition = sickkkk! Feb 20
  • auShreds said:
    Lovin' the tunes.Stoked for an album if it is even half as good "A Fire So Big Even the Heavens can See It" it'll be sick. Feb 08
  • Chris said:
    Oh man I'm so pumped right now. I still blast STC every day in my car, and always hoped that you guys would give it another go. I'm glad you've started a new project, man. I just hope you find a new band ASAP so I can have more new tunes to jam to. Thanks for coming back to music! Dec 15
  • SteveEye said:
    I don't know if you remember me but i messaged you back then during the STC days that i'm a HUGE fan from the philippines... it's a shame that STC had to disband but still, i was and always will be a big fan of STC, and now Evil Us as well! :D... Hope you guys make it really BIG this time so that you guys can have a world tour and hopefully, make a stop here in the philippines as well! :D Dec 07
  • Fireball1904 said:
    Sound is Awesome. I'm trying to think of something else to say but i'm so captivated by the music that I just cant think straight. You guys need to keep putting out music like this! This sound will definately go to the top Dec 02
  • Len said:
    im lovin this :) Nov 16
  • Adam C said:
    you guys sound great. whens the ep comin out Oct 15
  • (Nay-Fuss) said:
    Im glad to hear that voice again. You've got so much talent! Oct 09
  • 3AidenLikesMyBlood3 said:
    AMAZING! Oct 08
  • perfectline said:
    YEeeeeeeeeees! Oct 07
  • radzisnutz said:
    NICEEEE!! :) Sep 28
  • CynthiAnberlin said:
    I recognized Search The City in your song before I even knew that you were from the band :) Sep 28

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