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Every Last Thursday

Writing our new EP!


Genres: Alternative / Hardcore / Experimental

Location: Rochester, NY

Stats: 9 fans / 353 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Hailey Fitch, Jayson Fitch, Taylor Rambo, Paul Wright, Chris Reiners

Every Last Thursday began in 2006 as "The Fracture". The Fracture was your typical middle school band; they played covers, hung out after school, and were not very serious. About a year into playing, the band started to struggle with members and a change began. When "The Fracture" was pretty much dismembered, the only remaining members were Jayson Fitch, Chris Reiners, and Hailey Fitch.

Since the band had switched singers, guitarists, and bass players the members decided to change the name. Their usual practice time on Thursday gave them the inspiration: "Every Last Thursday". The first new member of the band after the split-up of "The Fracture" was Taylor Rambo, and recently the band added guitar player Paul Wright to their line-up. After writing several new original songs, Every Last Thursday is ready to hit the stage. With pop-punk inspired vocals and hardcore inspired guitar riffs, Every Last Thursday hopes to bring a new sound to the Rochester Music Scene.

Every Last Thursday is currently writing an E.P. titled "Searching for More" which will be released sometime in the future. Songs from the band's demo "Demo 2009" have been added to their page to show off some of their pre-studio music. The band is beginning to play shows and promote their music with one common goal, a goal familiar to all musicians: make music that inspires and excites fans everywhere.

After winning battle of the bands, Every Last Thursday has gone on to headline a few shows with some awesome local talent, and opened for a handful of signed bands including Goot, Between The Trees, and Ice Nine Kills/Tomorrow. They plan to bring a storm to Rage Fest, Rochester's biggest summer local music festival, with an arsenal of new songs and excited fans.

09/04/2009 - WRITING

Hey all, Jayson here. It's been a rewarding summer for ELT I think. Rage Fest was a hit, and we're really making a name for ourselves. I've got 5 songs in the works right now almost ready for Hailey to start writing vocals, and there might be word of an October show with a certain garment band. (Local to Rochester, but pretty big. And comfy for chilly days.)

Right now I'm listening to a lot of Texas In July (who were awesome at Rage by the way), Alexisonfire (Young Crows/Old Cardinals), and Emarosa (Relativity). These are probably having the most profound impact on the new songs, but not all the time. Still trying to find the ELT niche. I'm close to it.

Hoping to be in the studio soon...


We won! I can hardly believe it. All of the bands did a great job, and we made some good friends. Stay posted for more shows in the future guys! Including June 25th with some bands you may know called: Storm The Bay, and our battle friends If Tomorrow Fails and Anithesis. We should be playing a new songs soon, which will not be recorded until we get into a professional studio. Band fundraisers coming soon! Speaking of which, the shirts sold very well, so we're coming up with a new design (I believe, or printing more). Hopefully the Searching For More EP, including Facade and 5 other tracks will be done when summer ends. Be sure to come to our shows and talk to us at the merch table!



Demo 2008

Nov 25, 2008

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