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Equal Balance Riddim I

Positive steps and simplicity are the keys


Genres: World / Reggae / Reggae

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Stats: 13 fans / 380 plays / 14 plays today






Members: Of The Equal Balance Riddim I Band

Equal Balance Riddim I Band Welcome You To Listen To His Peacefully And Harmony Rhythm And Balance Of Beats , It Sound Naturally And Original Like The
Roots , Please ! Come And Give It A listen , Share It And Spread It With Your Lovers And Your Friends ....!

Band's Members : Drum beats is Mohni, Keyboard player is Tai , Bonogs is Jemmy,Afro roots drum is Madeeni,E-guitar is Chally,Bass is Tony, Melody maker,lyrics & singer is Ras Tai. vocal back is Ras Aziz Bounty.

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Thanks Friends For Your Kindly Support And Connections ........One Love, One Heart , One Peace .......!!

Hey Friends ! Let The Love And Peaceful Sound Conquer Our World And Not Hatred With Bad Feelings.....!

Keep Trusting The Almighty One, If You Are In Strong Position , Don't Forget The Weak One, Prefer To Create Your Own Things And Let Them Be Positively One Time Original And Creative Rather Than 100 Times Fake ......!

Come And Listen To The Peaceful Voice and The Positive lyrics From The Equal Balance Riddim I