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Ellen Garfield


Genres: Jazz / World / Progressive

Location: Boston, MA

Stats: 1 fans / 332 plays / 24 plays today





4 tracks

Passover (Trieste, Italy)-Ellen Garfield-lead vocals
Davide Casali-clarinet, backing vocals
Samuele Orlando-keyboards, moog, backing vocals
Tiziano Bole-lead guitars, backing vocals
Saverio Gaglianese-bass guitar
Alessandro Colombo-drums, backing vocals

The Mavens (Boston, MA)-Ellen Garfield-lead vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboard
Beth Aaronson-keyboard, flute, backing vocals
Jonny Aaronson-bass guitar
Mike Klein-drums

Sammy Lee London Jazz Quartet (Trieste, Italy)-Ellen Garfield-lead vocals
Samuele Orlando-keyboards
Saverio Gaglianese-bass
Bruno Prodan-sax (RIP Bruno)
various guest artists

Ellen is a well known artist in the greater Boston area and in Trieste, Italy. She specializes in jazz and world music and performs concerts in several languages including Hebrew, Yiddish and Ladino (Judeo-Espagnol).

Ellen is the lead vocalist for the bands The Musical Mavens (Yiddish theatre, Israeli pop, Ladino and Jewish folk) from the Boston area, the SLL Jazz Quartet of Trieste, Italy and Passover (prog rock with Judaic themes) from Trieste, Italy directed by Davide Casali. The Passover Band has toured extensively in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, the USA and Japan.

Ellen has been a featured artist for the Klezmer Festival of Gradisca, Italy and for the Sera/Notte Erev/Laila concerts in Trieste, Italy.



A Yiddishe Maven

Sep 01, 2004