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Genres: Rock

Location: Orlando, FL

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4 tracks

Members: Dan - Vocals / Santi - Guitar / Phil - Guitar / Grant - Drums

"Undoubtedly, one of the most explosive bands to recently hit the South Florida music scene. If you're not listening to Ellacassette every day, you're missing your minimum adult requirement. If I had to pin them down to a specific genre, I couldn't. I wouldn't... Their sound transcends the many styles that we collectively call rock music. I can tell you this though... Once you see an Ellacassette show LIVE, you'll never look at another band the same way again. They raise the bar, they set the standard, and they virtually never disappoint musically. Nuff said..."
-Kevin Burns (The Talent Farm / www.thetalentfarm.com)

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  • Greg Clark said:
    Maybe you will like my band Reasons (www.purevolume.com/reasonsrock)!! The sound quality of our demo isn't quite as good, but we have access to better equipment now so we'll have new stuff very soon!! :) peace Apr 03
  • Greg Clark said:
    Pretty rad you guys!! Apr 03
  • CyberCat said:
    Your music... it's fantastic :) Aug 06
  • Nicole(: said:
    you guys are really great!! Aug 05
  • ([Amy Lou/D]) said:
    Fab :) Jun 23
  • Linz said:
    you guys rock! You gotta fan out of me :) glad you guys sent me a message May 27
  • Rosa said:
    omg! you guys are the band ive been looking for all my life!! you've just earned a spot on my playlist after not even a minute :D if you ever come to ohio let me know!!!!! May 26
  • taylor purple said:
    HOLLY SH!T!!!! I FREAKING LOVE IT(: cant wait for new songs(: May 25
  • Serenity said:
    I love it :) keep writing songs! May 24
  • sarah cleveland said:
    totally awesome sound, guys!! keep it up! :D May 23
  • xXnomnomrawrXx said:
    O.O wow..i didnt think i would like chu as much as i do....but i def do!! keep it up< 3333 May 23
  • Sky ❤ said:
    Wow!! You guys are pretty freakin amazing xD May 11
  • 3v3lynn said:
    sound's awesomee!!! Lovee itt May 11
  • JustAMistake said:
    Ahah I have downloaded your tracks :) your pretty awesome :) May 11
  • kyle peterson said:
    great music May 10


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