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Elisa Meri

My music video for "Sexual Symphony" shot in Puerto Rico is out!!! ENJOY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Fi19HnQMAY


Genres: Pop / Club

Location: Virginia Bch, VA

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An American, pop singer, song writer Elisa Meri is ready for her life. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico, but her Spanish/Native American/French/Italian background makes her a unique fusion to her pop music as a singer/songwriter.

Performing live since the tender age of four, Elisa wrote songs for her friends and family. She became a known singer for local churches shortly after. Her focus has always been on music, however, she attended college and graduated with a degree in Psychology and granted admission to Law school. As president of the student council, Elisa established the first talent show contest for her fellow student body. The University still holds an annual talent show today after her graduation.

Elisa Meri has inspired many along her singing journey. Riding the waves of opportunity, Elisa is ready to capture the pop world. As a bilingual singer/songwriter, Elisa is surely set to become an international pop icon.

Elisa Meri is definitely a rising star. We want to see more of her. -FOX 43

Elisa Meri was the first to be nominated a VMA at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards for the 1st annual Pepsi Rock-Band Music Video Contest. She won 2nd place out of 650 entries in the nation.

"One Wo(Man) Band, Elisa Meri" nominated for Best Performance at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards from a field of more than 650 entries. She is her own one-woman, fully independent band. -The Virginia Pilot

Check out the Dorito's Commercial feat. Elisa Meri used at the Super bowl!!! Go to her MySpace, linked below or on your right under "links", to check her Mt. Dew Commercial as well!!!

Follow Elisa Meri's upcoming projects and music video shoots on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ElisaMeri






  • Nancy Feliciano-Figueroa said:
    Congratulations on your moving to the West Coast! Aug 11
  • Jeane Hansen said:
    Such a beautiful voice and we love the songs! Congratulations on all of your hard work, we love you! Nov 21
  • Katie said:
    Can't wait to see your videos girl, remember if my kids say you're going to be famous you are!!! Get em girl!!!! Nov 21
  • Joyce said:
    Alright Elisa, we're ready for you. What a fantastic voice, just love your music. So when can we buy the music and where and when are you going to tour? Either you or Scott give us a call and let us know. Jer & I are waiting!!! Joyce Nov 20
  • Helene said:
    Love your music! You are great! Very talented! Oct 05
  • Margarita Romero said:
    Love your music! You are Aweson! Aug 26
  • Katie said:
    Love the new song!!!! Luv ya bff Aug 26


Apr 20, 2011

"Entrapment" by Elisa Meri

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Love Come Back (To Me)

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Sexual Symphony

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