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Genres: Metal

Location: Interlachen, FL

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4 tracks

Members: Dave Cozine (Guitar & Vocals) Rick Cotshott (Bass & Vocals) Charles Bullock (Drums)

Intense & Powerful Metal...
In 1993 Dave Cozine was in a band called DRYVET. The band lasted about a year & a half but the last member to play bass with them was Rick Cotshott from the band BLOODSHOT. After DRYVET split up in 1995 Dave joined BLOODSHOT with Rick. When this band split up in 1998 Dave tried out a few bands then decided to start one himself.
In November of 1998 ERODE was born. Dave decided to take on the vocals and guitar for the first time. Taking it slow to develop he added a beginner drummer and bassist. After a little over a year he was in need of new members and was approached by a very young drummer named Robbie Burkes. After a couple of jams him and his dad Ace Burkes joined the band & started playing parties and shows all over North Central Florida. In 2003 while playing a gig Dave was approached by Roman Allen wanting to join the band. He had a list of things he could do (drums, vocals, guitar, sound & ect..). Although he wasn't added to the band he was at most of the shows after. While at Roman's 04-05 new years eve party, Dave heard him play guitar & added him as the second guitarist of the band. When it came time to hit the Metal Scene, Dave talked to Roman about getting a Randall half stack. Instead he bought a full stack 300 watt Randall Warhead. While practicing with Romans new rig being to loud, Dave turned his up and blow his head. After that Dave put down the guitar and ERODE hit the Metal Scene with a more intense & powerful sound then before. Now they were playing with some of the best unsigned bands from as far as Alaska & playing some of the best venues in Florida from Jacksonville to West Palm Beach. In 2007 they released a their debut E.P. recorded at Helton Studio in Ocala, Fl. by Ray Helton (Recycle To The Soil). Shortly after they were added to a compilation CD and was about to play a show in Georgia when the band split. Dave and Roman started a new band that didn't go far. Roman started playing drums for cover bands.
In may of 2008 Dave began to rebuild ERODE. First he added Jeff Johns on Drums & then good friend Rick Cotshott on bass. Getting back on guitar Dave needed a good amp & Roman sold him the full stack Randall Warhead. They continued to work on their sound while writing new songs & playing the Metal Scene. In 2012, just when it was getting really good Jeff left the band. Roman Allen was added back as the drummer this time. Now ERODE has three seasoned musicians ready to take it to the next level giving it 100%..... \METAL/



Debut E.P.

Jan 01, 2007

Hernesto Martins

Sao Paulo, Brazil

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