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Genres: Alternative / Rock / Electronic

Location: Concepción, Chile

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4 tracks

Members: Max Morales

ERGD (Max Morales, a tranny female to male dude spending his 24/7 being a Musician, Producer, Visual Artist).
Have been embracing several musical styles.
It all begun at 9 y/old with an ordinary, usual and borrowed Casio keyboard.
By father/mother he/she discovered Queen/Pink Floyd; they woke up his/her desire to adquire a guitar .
His/Her first experience with a band were gato muerto (2002), a little scholar musical project influenced by Mike Patton. He/She took time to learn in a local music academy (with Marlon Romero) during the same year.
(2003) Realising how hard can it be to record/produce music, he/she started to learn (her/his)self.

Relevant projects which she/he has been are:
Limite Temporal (progressive rock; 2005-2007), with releases of their own and live gigs at local pubs, being UdeC forum presentation and festival de musica inedita (ex cine Coronel) the most important ones. Lineup used to be: two guitarists (Gerson Guzman Diaz y Mauricio Miranda Soto), bassist (Daniel Figueroa), drummer (Danilo Mellado) y Maca Morales (ERGO) vocals.

El Ojo de Osiris (alternative rock/experimental; 2006-2007), Rodrigo Wevar (guitar) purposed some structural themes with naked chords, developed with Barbara Perez (vocals). This was the first musical production experience to ERGO, he/she shaped the structural themes, engaged the band's imagery, made up logos, graphics and web design, composed the remaining instruments (guitar, bass, drums), recorded, mixed.
They played live at local pubs and universities, but finally he/she decided to dispose the project.

ERGO broke up his/her voice with Testosterone to adjust with his/her muse, music.

For more Publications and info you can go to: ergo.bandcamp.com or maxmorales.soundcloud.com.