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Whatsapp being a Revolutionary Messaging Platform

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Whatsapp being a Revolutionary Messaging Platform

Whatsapp Messenger
is a messaging platform introduced this year which became just about the most preferred SMS alternatives around the world. It is a huge attraction for Smartphone, Android, iPhone and Blackberry users. It is now a craze and is bordering on becoming a necessity for youths and youngsters.

This messaging app is free of charge for the newbie and thereafter needs a yearly subscription fee of $0.99. Whatsapp enables quick and easy sharing of images, audio clips, videos and recorded voices messages for free. It has reduced the Mobile Internet Usage charges by way of a considerable margin and it has also made MMS facility extinct.

Growth and Competition

Whatsapp has literally eliminated using normal messaging service supplied by network providers. At present Whatsapp has over 350 million regular users across the world. Since its inception within the Silicon Valley by a lot of young IT experts, Whatsapp has beaten its existing and emerging competitors. This app has overtaken the much revered and elite BBM (abbreviation for the Blackberry Messenger).

This has happened for your simple reason why BBM was limited to only Blackberry Phone users which made its access extremely rare and limited to a specific circle while Whatsapp was common to any Mobile phone. This undoubtedly contributed to the substantial increase in the amount of its users.

In spite of is the pioneers in creating this kind of messaging service cross platform for all kinds of Internet enabled cellphones, Whatsapp faced and continues to face competition off their similar platforms like LINE, WeChat and BBM. Download Whatsapp For Android

 BBM was introduced for Blackberry users, which couldn�t manage to attain the tag of pioneers in developing a messaging platform for all sorts of phone users due to the limited access.
 LINE and WeChat have highly similar usage which includes making voice calls for free however they are way behind Whatsapp in their popularity as they slow up the phone and provide mediocre services. They aren't completely developed and aren�t up to the mark how the revolutionary Whatsapp has determined.

One major hiccup when it comes to further development of Whatsapp as a unique messaging services that BBM is currently entirely on all Smartphones, iPhones and Androids. Now everyone can download BBM from the respective app markets and acquire their very own personalized pins which enable them to maintain their private list of good friends.

Drawbacks of Whatsapp

Like several apps Whatsapp too has its negativities including:

 Whatsapp doesn't allow free voice calling.
 Needs upgrading at regular intervals otherwise it reduces.
 Can be easily hacked or decoded.
 Includes all of the contacts within the Phone Contact List, who use Whatsapp, creating privacy issues sometimes.
 Anyone can help to save the number and start messaging unlike BBM

Whatsapp like a Promotional Tool

Whatsapp hasn�t yet become too popular as an advertising or promotional tool, unlike other social media sites. The reason being through this app it's impossible to send more than a limited level of messages at the same time, thus disabling likelihood of potential spam.

But a certain Chocolate Brand, named KLIK, unconventionally used this platform to market their new chocolate flavours to their Teenage customers by engaging them through direct communication with all the KLIK form of the �Simon Says� game.


Posted Mar 26, 2014 at 8:18am