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Dividing The Skyline

New self-titled EP out June 25!


Genres: Pop Punk / Indie / Rock

Location: Pittsford New York, NY

Stats: 99 fans / 12,925 plays / 36 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Nate Blasdell, Josh Miller, Connor Mitchener

After three years of constant touring, two albums, two vans, two trailers, over 80,000 miles of traveling, and more shows than we can count, we've decided that it's time for DTS to come to an end. Thank you so much to everyone that supported us, whether you bought a C.D, came out to a show, let us sleep on your floor, or even just gave us a chance, it meant the world to us. This was our whole life and we poured everything into this, but there comes a time when life tests you, and I think that hit all of us a little harder than expected. This is not how any of us pictured this ending, but sometimes life hands you curves balls. We're going to miss everyone a ton. I can't name everyone who we owe a huge thank you too, but you know who you are.

Download everything for free somewhere over here


-Nate Blasdell



  • sheemal visun said:
    sweet stuff guys! Aug 22
  • AxL said:
    good stuff guys! :) Aug 19
  • Hannah said:
    I freaking luvvv u guys!!!! May 31
  • Leighton said:
    the song is awesome :) Mar 19
  • RAWR said:
    I love your song :DDD Mar 15
  • antonio Cardoso said:
    hey westen i was your first fan, just saying, (its antonio) Feb 27
  • taylor purple said:
    awesome music:) Feb 25
  • DestructionDucky said:
    haha from rochester? From Albany NY here! Feb 23
  • brianmistark said:
    screw the girl! you guys are the dream! hahaha Feb 22
  • Tor said:
    this is awesome!! please make more songs soon :) Feb 20
  • wanted-fan said:
    Awesome song!!!!!!! can't wait till you guys make more!!!! Feb 19
  • Megan said:
    You guys are soo good :3 ! Seriously! Bring some more of that amazing shizzle out :D Feb 19
  • AlyssaXSaysXRawr said:
    you guys sound awesome! :D cant wait to hear more from you! ♥♫♪ Feb 18
  • musicislife67 said:
    So, basically, just was like "ok whatever looking through top downloads u kno u kno" but i heard this song and...whooaaa yall got talent. Feb 17


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