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Dineen Laurel

"Love is Love" Available on iTunes May 2011


Genres: Acoustic / Rock / R&B

Location: NYC, NY

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Members: Dineen Laurél Lopez


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Dineen Laurél is a New York City (Lower East side) native, born to a
bi-racial teenage couple in 1992. She grew up exposed to her
Grandfather’s Doo-Wop group harmonizing tunes, which left a lasting
impression on Dineen. She began singing songs like “You Are So
Beautiful” from the movie “The Little Rascals” (1994) at the age of two. While
kids were learning the ABC’s in Kindergarten, she asked her Grandfather
for a guitar and quickly learned to play simple songs like “Twinkle,
Twinkle Little Star”. As the years rolled on, Dineen had trained herself on several
instruments like the bass guitar, electric guitar, trumpet, drums,
piano and other percussion instruments.

During her High school years, Dineen’s musical passion grew and her
timid disposition gave way to the urge of braking out of her shell. She
rocked a band rehearsal as a drummer but quickly ran through the ranks
from guitarist to front woman performing at her first High school
Battle of the Bands contest. Dineen proudly graduated in June 2010 from
Bard High School Early College with an Associates Degree in Liberal
Arts and was honored with an Academic Award in Music for her
outstanding talent.

Currently, Dineen produces and writes musical compositions, which are
successfully received by friends, family and now the music industry
associates who regularly solicit her for work. These days she is most
focused on the release of her first album “Love is Love” on iTunes.com
in May 2011 and has gained great support form Robert Rich, VP of Marc
Jacobs, who offered his support by dressing Dineen for every event and
performance. Dineen looks forward to promoting her album release by
joining several NYC musical summer tours and launching several
internet/social network initiatives.



Love is Love

Jun 07, 2011


East Union, WA


Elk Ridge, UT


Cutler Bay, FL

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