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What is a Digital Poster? LCD Enclosures Global Explains

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What is a Digital Poster? LCD Enclosures Global Explains

Digital signage is becoming one of the fastest growing industries, particularly in this time when look at is fighting for each and every single order. When choosing a dynamic signage solution for a businesses product or service, the primary deciding factor may be the budget and we truly realize things financially are tight right now, globally.  infodisplay

Most people are now familiar with the term digital out of the home advertising. These are usually broadcast via a digital signage system composed of an LCD or plasma display hooked to a computer IP in the advertisers remote location, that allows the images and information displayed to become changed or updated within minutes. Now if you haven't gotten $1,000's to buy an outdoor signage solution, what options are available? Well there is the digital poster.

What are the features of a Digital Poster?
Well, they are cost effective, as they work on a similar principle to some digital photo frame, that you have either at home or inside your office, with images of your loved ones displayed on it, that rotate in the specific way and time. The sizes may be up 19 inches x 25 inches.

They're easy to use, to create media content, all you have to do is drag and drop pictures of your product or service on to a memory (so no special software is required), via a memory card reader and then insert the storage card to the integral media player. After the rotation time is set, the dynamic advertisement is preparing to be hung on the wall and begin working for you.

They are also affordable and offer a fast Return On Investment.

What are the disadvantages of your Digital Poster?
Due to the nature of this product, it is designed to stay indoors, so that it would never work in an outside situation.
These mini electronic billboards have no facility to remotely connect to the software for remote updates, so when you have to update the press content, someone must visit the site and manually switch the memory card with the updated card, this in turn adds extra costs in transportation and shipping with the media content to the locations.

It would appear that a mini dynamic advertising poster is a great solution to test the water, ideally aimed at Mom and Pop stores, salons, dentists and doctors, if the information is given in a fundamental form. The initial investment will soon repay itself because of the right conditions, however there's little that can compare to a digital signage network.Digital Signage


Posted Jan 28, 2015 at 8:07am