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Diary of Dreams

CD Album: Ego:X out now. --> http://www.accession-records.de/osshop/catalog/index.php?cPath=27_61


Genres: Alternative / Pop

Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

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4 tracks

Members: Adrian Hates, Gaun:A, Flex , DNS , Dejan , Torben Wendt, Daniel Myer (Sound-Designer)

Diary of Dreams - Biography

Chapter 1: At the beginning was a chord ...

Much has been written about Diary of Dreams. Over the years there have been uncountable assumptions which spread the international fan community and many of them have been taken as the ultimate truth. But are they really what they seem to be? Is Diary of Dreams really the second step of mastermind Adrian Hates into the world of music? Or is this band in truth a solo project and all of its further members pure imagination of its creator? Is he truly a lunatic? A freak? A madman? Well, we will see...

(read more at the official Diary of dreams homepage -->http://www.diaryofdreams.de )

Diary of Dreams - Ego:X tour 2011

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  • Ana said:
    Hey! I'm number 10!! Nice to meet you! Dec 01
  • vesnavrindavan said:
    brilliant:) but i have no clue abt u (adrian). just the music. which is telling enough to be :) Oct 28
  • LUNA said:
    Bravo! Bravisimo! Oct 04
  • Maureen said:
    There should be more fans on here! I will repost on my facebook etc... Oct 03
  • Mortifiera said:
    One of the coolest gothic bands! Always a pleasure to listen to ! Sep 22
  • Maureen said:
    To simply put it. The man is a true meistro. Sep 21


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