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Tips for individuals planning to sell their websites for the first time

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If you work as an administrator for your own website, you would probably know all the numbers. However, if you do not have enough knowledge about your website, you need to understand some facts and figures before going for an auction.

What are the services and products that your site offers? Which companies are your competitors? Which are your target markets and target audiences? Get answers to these questions along with numbers for basic questions like the number of unique visitors, total amount invested in the site, the total profit made from the site every year, server space, type of existing text and video content, the list of keywords that attract visitors, and so on.

What are buyers looking for?

Website's value is determined on the basis of its capacity to give ROI. Buyers would look at your website from the same angle.

Those who take part in the auction to buy website would check your site's potential. They would wish to earn their invested money back as soon as possible after buying the website.

Remember, bidders will bid at the rate that they may find appropriate for your site and chances are that you might not feel too happy after looking at some of the bids.

People prefer to look at website's profit and not the overall amount of money that you have invested on the site. For example, if you have spent $20,000 on site's development and content, plus another $5,000 on its domain, your website's value does not become $25, 000 plus the amount for estimated traffic. Bidders can start from any amount that they feel viable. The amount of profit that the website makes every month is given much more importance than anything else.

Companies, entrepreneurs, and individual investors prefer to go for websites that have some or the other unique selling proposition, diverse traffic sources, multiple revenue-generating streams and show constantly increasing number of site visitors. Such websites are often considered less risky during auctions. However, this doesn't mean that websites involving risk factors do not receive bids. They do receive, but are lesser valued.

Bidders simply multiply the annual income of the website by two or more and make their offer. For example, if the concerned site makes 100,000 in revenue, bidders may start the bid with 100,000*2 which is 200,000 and keep on multiplying up to a certain limit, depending on their budget and willingness to seal the deal. Properties that face a huge risk may receive bids that are equal to its two years of earnings or less.

There is no need to worry. If your site has a premium domain name, huge mailing list, appropriate traffic, and has the potential to offer quick ROI to the buyer, you should expect good value for your site.


Deal with trustworthy auction sites


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Posted Oct 14, 2016 at 1:55pm