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Five impressive tourist attractions from the State of Florida

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When it comes to list of tourist destinations in the state of Florida, Disney World, Universal Studios and some other Hollywood studies make it in the top five lists. However, the state is home to some other impressive destinations as well.  Let's take a look at five destinations from Florida State that do not get much limelight, but are really impressive.

Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park is home to hundreds of river otters, manatees, egrets, turtles, deer, Florida panthers, American crocodiles, alligators, and several other species of birds, animals. It is America's second largest national park.

The area consists of wide water body that flows from Bay of Florida to Lake Okeechobee. This water body catches rain water and is considered main water reservoir in Florida. Everglades Park was formed by the government when environmentalists urged the authorities to do so in 1947.

You can explore coastal lowlands, mangrove, cypress, pineland, tropical hammocks, freshwater sloughs, etc. You can also take short walk inside the park and look at hundreds of animals, birds, and aqua life. 

Avoid visiting this destination in wet season, and opt for warm winters to look at beautiful, endangered bird species. It is advisable to opt for boat tour and tram ride wherever available. This would help you visit maximum parts of the park within few hours.

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St. Augustine city

St. Augustine is popularly known as America's oldest city. It is situated between Central East and North East Florida. The city is home to several architectural masterpieces that reflect Spanish and British culture. Some of the most visited attractions from this city are Castillo de San Marcos, Ghost Augustine, Fort Matanzas, Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park, Lightner Museum, etc.

If you are art and antique lover, you should definitely consider visiting Lightner Museum. You can take self-guided tour inside its sections that are part of premises built in 1888. The museum allows visitors to closely look at antique musical instruments. Museum authorities also offer special demonstrations for these musical instruments. But if you love decorative and fine art from 18th and 19th century, you would probably spend time looking at artwork. Museum's collection includes antique sculptures, furniture, fine art paintings, cut glass, cigar labels, human hair art, old typewriters, etc.

Fort Matanzas

If you love historic architecture, you should also visit Fort Matanzas. The fort played an important role in guarding St. Augustine from British attacks.  It was constructed in 1742 by Spanish Empire. The fort was restored in 1924 by the US Department of War.

Most of the visitors prefer to opt for boat ride around the fort that takes 45 minutes. It is operated by National Park Service. During this ride, experts share all the historic details about this fort, and also about the phases in which it was restored. Some historic documents suggest that the Spanish Empire constructed this fort with the help of slaves and convicts.

Miami Beach

Why go to Spain when there are world-class beaches in the United States? America is home to several world-class beaches, and Miami Beach is one of them. It does not need any introduction. The resort city is home to several historical monuments, gardens, wildlife attractions, natural parks, museums, and various types of hotels, resorts to cater to every tourist's need. It is also home to some Hollywood production studios.

Dry Tortugas National Park

This is a perfect destination for tourists who wish to enjoy archaeological monuments and water sports. This may sound weird, but Dry Tortugas National Park is one tourist destination that offers both these opportunities.


The park is home to Fort Jefferson, and is surrounded by blue waters that support impressive marine life. The area also attracts some beautiful bird species.


Posted Nov 23, 2015 at 8:52am