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Genres: Metal / Death Metal / Alternative

Location: NYC area (New York & New Jersey), NY

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4 tracks

Members: Mike, Phil, Glenn, Andrew, (need a bassist & a synth player)


LISTEN TO IT ON YOUTUBE: Melodic Death Metal 2014! DEADTIDE EP "Ephemeral" NOW OUT!

Thank you so much for your support!

Deadtide, a melodic death metal band from NY/NJ, USA, was formed by YouTube heavy metal riff veterans & pioneers, ChromeCelica00 (Phil, aka "Chrome") and blackened138 (Mike, aka "Mike Metal"). The headline at the top of the page couldn't say it any better. Deadtide is the new wave in melodic death metal bands. If you truly know metal (like we do), the first question to run through your mind upon reading that is "What do a bunch of American kids know about the greatest thing to come out of Sweden?" The answer is pretty simple; a lot. In the few years this band has been together in various incarnations, whether it be jamming together, working on new riffs and drums to accompany it, or finally putting together a full band and cranking out a finished product, one thing has remained true about the members of Deadtide; We practically study metal, especially melodic death metal. From all the big bands like In Flames, Dark Tranquility, At The Gates and Soilwork to the slightly less "huge," bands such as Norther, Blinded Colony, and Darkest Hour, every song gets analyzed, played over and over again until the inner workings are ingrained in our heads.

But what will make Deadtide truly unique is a combination of things. First, the incorporation of other styles of music, from power metal to punk to rock, and anything else we like or know we can take and make "metal." Sometimes that means even a metal cover here and there... for Halloween this year, our vocalist Mike recorded & filmed a music video for his HALLOWEEN Theme Song Metal Version. Click the link to listen to it, and give it a "Like" and a Favorite. It's pretty badass, if we do say so ourselves. \m/ ;D

Second, a whole lot of stuff that has yet to be disclosed. See, that's what we're aiming for as a band: Uniqueness. Sure, we can crank out some killer melo-death riffs and throw it on a CD, but incorporating other elements of music, no matter what the genre, ensures that we're doing something that will produce a unique sound.

We're not only writing some traditional melodeath material for the time being, but we're looking to come into our own and eventually break new ground in any ways we can if possible. We're planning it as you read this. Four of us write the musical material, so there are going to be different takes and styles all around. It's not going to happen overnight because we're a busy bunch of guys and can't always get together, but besides material that's our own take on traditional melodeath we want to give you something different and a kind of intricacy and depth we hope you may have never seen (or heard) before in some of the stuff we're writing. Call it experimental, but the blueprint so far seems pretty concrete. And we look forward to bringing a unique sound to all of you, and conjuring up the swell that is a new wave of melodic death metal! Hope you can swim...


  • Arb said:
    Keep Working! You´re amazing!!! Greetings from México :D Aug 01
  • Alex said:
    Fucking amazing! Jan 06
  • Betrayall said:
    Parabéns Pessoal.. Gostei muitos do som.. Feraaaa! xD Dec 14
  • tyler thompson said:
    Nice thing about the boy-bands. You guys are definitely not a boy-band or a disgrace to metal. This is real metal. And, very fucking catchy in each song. I love the pitch squeal in Anthem of the Insomniac btw. It literally makes the chorus sound 10xxx more anthem-ish May 29
  • Justin said:
    awesome tracks guys! Think i could use some of your tracks on my riding/racing videos on youtube? Mar 02
  • Andrew said:
    you guys are great i love your music, im sure youl go all the way Feb 11
  • Paragon_X said:
    You guys have a great future! Feb 08
  • hypocrisyfan12 said:
    man you guys are fucking awsome keep up the good work! Jan 28
  • sean said:
    i have been a strong follower i started listening to you guys when you only had 3 videos on Youtube keep up the good work i want to hear some new stuff !! you guys rock! stay metal no pussy shit Jan 26
  • corey russon said:
    Need more Real Metal please cant hear your songs they are not posted Oct 24
  • Kyle said:
    YOu guys need to get some music on here.. your the shit Apr 16

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