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Nemonic Heroes


Genres: Indie / Experimental / Rock

Location: Pontianak, Indonesia

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4 tracks

formed in July of 2009 in the town square pontianak roundabout, when it still consisted of two personnel namely ozi and botak. who had long wanted to form a band in the domination and beat you headbang screamo and beat punk rock .. soon we find a bassist. call him kencet. still in the process of searching stage here, who we need is a lead guitar but who did not as easy as we imagined and remembered an old friend of his who named prime ozi champion who played guitar and we were invited to join in the beginning .. the first exercise. apparently we still have a shortage of the singer ..
botak was not able to undergo two roles at once .. wakttu walk along without the deliberate finally we found our new direct PQ. we invite to join and he agreed.
not at the suspect and any chance we started forming a band at the roundabout at midnight. bald man who got the idea for naming NEMONIC Heroes .. do not know why we also agree ...

and NEMONIC Heroes formed already ... PQ (vocalist), prime (lead guitar), botak (rhytme guitar), kencet (bass) and ozi (drums)

and each of us has a personality and a very different taste difference, but make everybody to be a strong like a heroes .....




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Pontianak, Indonesia

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