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Kanye West Cheated On Kim Kardashian With Gabriella Amore – Refuses To Admit It

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He was on vacation with his .. [read more] family. Really now? He was on vacation? For the entire fall? See, this is patently untrue, and we know that for a fact. Yes, Kim and Kanye were on vacation with North West for a portion of the fall , but the report clearly doesnt specify when Kanye and Gabriella were spotted together, only that it was late last year. That could refer to anytime towards the end of 2013, although Kanyes reaction to this is definitely a little suspect. Getting into a hotel elevator with a model is inherently suspicious behavior, but if there are many reasons he could have been meeting her maybe it was a business meeting, maybe it was just two friends getting together for drinks, maybe hes going to cast her in his next music video? Now, by issuing this denial so quickly instead of ignoring the rumors, Kanyes opened himself up to a lot more speculation that if he had just left it alone. RELATED POSTS blog advertising is good for you More HOT Laundry!
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Posted Feb 10, 2014 at 11:27am